Friday, February 15, 2008

Where Did I Leave My Waders....

It took longer than I thought to get back to my blog! I've been hip deep in Statistics for what seems like forever. In reality I've only got about 8 more weeks of the class. Color me shocked. Never has math or anything to do with numerical devices been a friend to me, and this is no exception. I find myself dredging up long forgotten habits learned in algebra class many moons ago. That I am remembering these things at all is a testament to the teachers from my last college (a huge thank you to them by the way, not that they're ever going to read this since they have no idea this exists) and their prowess at beating equations into my thick skull until I got it... and still remember it. Again... shocking! The first homework and test have passed me by and somehow I survived, although I am still awaiting replies from certain portions of my gray matter. I suspect those respective groups of jumping ship. The traitors.

On other fronts, work is good. I've been having fun with flannel boards during storytime and the kids love it. A real favorite seems to be Alice the Camel, in which a tale is told of a camel with three humps instead of one or two. Of course the validity of her actually belonging to the family Camelidae is called into question as she runs from town to town, and in each case, loses a hump along the way. Its great fun. My next project is going to be a flannel story for Russell the Sheep. Comical storyline with an equally amusing set of illustrations make for a fun flannel board. We'll see how that goes as it took me an extremely long time to get Alice up and running... no pun intended.

In a continuing project, the search for Anime to add to the system goes on, however this is drawing up a bit short since in order to suggest Anime, I have to watch it. Which means I have to buy it, watch it, and then suggest it, if it seems like something that would go over well. The same goes for the Manga list. There seems to be some sort of stall with quality Manga for some reason. I know what's going on with the Anime field, but am not sure if the same reasons pertain to Manga as well. Given the close linkage between the two fields, its entirely possible. Anyway, Anime is on the expensive side, so I tend to go straight for the boxed sets. I've also found a surprisingly large amount of series available for sale by episode on iTunes. Who knew?! Eventually I will get these lists done and hopefully they can be used as guides for what to get over the next few years. I cross my fingers in hopes that that will be the case.

Pet wise everyone is doing alright to my knowledge. The chickens are laying an astonishingly high number of eggs even though its snowing , and cold. On every site I've looked at, and every book I've looked in, they say that hens will slow down in that department during the winter. I guess someone forgot to tell my girls that. Either that or Brutus secretly stands over them all day cracking the whip. Seriously doubt that. He's a very kind, if klutzy rooster. We also gained a little friend. More specifically a little black and white friend with body odor issues. I've seen the little fellow as he waddles quickly along out buildings at night. Its a nervous little skunk for some reason.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. I didn't get to say it yesterday for reasons of being cranky and busy. Ah yes, and I'm still getting over a really nasty head cold, which is trying to survive by heading into my lungs. Its going to meet with some resistance since I am not terribly welcoming of broncitis. It can go get its sticky self all over someone else's lungs this year. So, anyway, hope everyone had a nice Valentine's day. It stopped snowing and its been nice, and hopefully tomorrow it will stay that way, so I can spend some time with my chickens. I've missed sitting with them and feeding them. Dad has been doing that while I've been at work and school. I'd better call it a night for now. Hopefully I'll get back here with some pictures at some point before the end of the month. Heh, we'll see how that goes. Bye for now! :)