Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snow Dog

Everyone asks me at work if I got snow. Yeeesss, we got snow. Lots of snow, piles of snow... right around a foot and a half depending upon your location on the property. In some places it was up to my knees and in others it was mid calf. This was all last week though. My dog loved it! The chickens took one dubious look and disappeared into their hen house. They didn't dine to make an appearance again until the sun came out. My dog unfortunately had had surgery to have a lump removed from her chin (something I should've done long ago, but lacked money. When this took place I still didn't have money, but got it done anyway) which was looking kinda nasty. Hair loss, odd color... *shudder*

But enough about my dog's ex 5th appendage and on to the collar which kept her from scratching the hell out of her stitches. When she went out to potty, off came the collar, and out into the snow she went with glee. Behind her I was being towed. She liked springing though the snow like (sorry in advance for the pun) a bunny. Goof ball. Basically she loves the snow and I went and made it so she couldn't go running around in it. Very disappointing for the poor beast.

This morning I got a pleasant surprise when I arrived at work. A friend I hadn't seen for a while was waiting for me there. She tried hiding so it'd be a surprise when she jumped out. Except I recognized her car before I saw her standing up there with her son. So I parked the car leaned out the door and said,"Hi (insert a name)!" At which point she cracked up. That was quite fun and a much appreciated visit. Lots of laughing and catching up. Friends I don't see often are always welcome to show up and say hi. :)

Over the next few days I plan on doing nothing, but sleeping, playing on my computer and... maybe watching a few movies... oh, and maybe seeing if I can get the new memory cards installed on the computer. Oh joy. 

Friday, December 26, 2008

Computer Next

Okay, so I've been gone for a long long time and I'm not apologizing. Once your beloved laptop dies, and you go into computer with-drawl, its very hard to sit down with another computer and start up a relationship. Especially when its not your computer. Thankfully I got a new computer for Christmas, (thank you very much to my Uncle!!) so I continue to completely massacre this blog much to the entertainment of whoever reads this. 

Alas there won't immediately be pictures, or maybe there will be. I'll just have to get my hands on the other computer with all the photos on it. I'd put them on here, but Mac in its vast wisdom neglected to put iPhoto into the bundle with Leopard. Somewhere along the lines I will have to find a Mac compatible photo management program, otherwise I can't use my library of wallpaper, or put up pictures from this laptop. *sighs* Don't get me wrong, I am totally thrilled to have my own computer, but why in hell can't computer companies get their act together and put in a decent bundle? As in everything a user might need? Basics man, BASICS!! But no, I have to get a separate bundle ... with only one item I want on it. It'll cost lots of money too. Idiots.

Aside from that my life is been fairly normal. Work is still work, school is still school... Well there is the fact that I got myself a new car. No, you don't get to know what it is. I will say its small and black and brand spanking new. Very fun to drive, and I feel fairly safe in it compared to the purple monster I used to drive. Which attempted to commit suicide by dying in front of a speeding UPS truck. I think that was probably the last straw as far as death defying escapades for me and my purple steed. Sorry oh purple wonder, but as much as I liked you, I was tired of constantly mainlining adrenaline. 

For those of you... 'few' who actually read this, it was a wonderful Christmas. Got the computer, got an electric blanket, and got my aquarium, and yes, I'll post pictures as soon as its up and running.  And I got some extremely good tea as well. Such good stuff. I find myself swilling it much too fast. Yes, I'll slow down, but its soooooo good. YUM!! Now if only we hadn't forgotten to bring the left over food from dinner last night home. Right now I could be enjoying a ham sandwich, with a side of stuffing and jello salad. But... we forgot the box. Currently its languishing in my second cousins outside fridge. This means the care package will have to be rescued. I think Dad was given this vital job. 

Hopefully he will succeed. :)