Saturday, October 27, 2007

Road Runner Complex...

On the way home on a windy two way road on which the top speed is supposedly 55 mph, I encounter drivers on a regular basis who want to go much much faster. They take my life as well as their own and put it in danger, by speeding into the oncoming lane, going around me, and then flooring it as if their tail is on fire. I feel I am owed an explanation as to why they feel that I'm going too slow at ... 55mph. Apparently they absolutely need that extra 6 seconds they will gain by doing such a dangerous manuever. Do they feel that they can push me down the road by following so closely that I can no longer see their headlights? This is a false assumption on their part. Especially if this takes place at night when they're blinding me, since that causes me to slow down. While they contemplate their answer, maybe they could go one further and tell me why driving in herds like a nascar race is a well thought out intelligent thing to do? Personally I'm into dominoes and would love to see what happens when you stack up the cars like those little wooden blocks.. and then have a deer trot out in front of the lead car. Its not a race. Leave early if you are always speeding to get to work on time. Stop putting my life on the line along with yours. No one who races up and down my 20 minute drive home is going to read this, so I'm not sure why I'm bothering, except that I had to rant somewhere. I've had one too many scares lately I guess.

Last night as I was curled up in bed, I heard a beep. Now at first I thought it was my dog, because she was sleeping on her little bed on the floor at the foot of my bed, but... normally she doesn't make little beeps. Alright, she does beep, but not like a mini squeezy toy. My mind raced through possibilities. A mouse with a tiny squeeze toy? A spider sneezed? A creaky tree outside? Slinking from my bed, I prowled the room like a clumsy ape, stubbing my toes twice. My dog watched in an amused silence. This was fine with me, because earlier in the evening, she stuck her front legs unwittingly under an open door, and attempted to stand up. Basic physics lesson without the ability to understand the concept. Lots of yelping ensued. She's fine, just has some bruises, but it was nice to see her doing her little perked ears and slight smirk routine over my stubbed toes. I suppose it was only fair. Distracted by the stubbed toes I returned to my humble abode, aka the bed, and decided the ghostly squeaking would have to wait until it squeaked again. Even then, I will have to think about slipping from beneath the blankies.

Once again its night time and I'm getting sleepy why before I normally would. Part of this is that there's no heat in the house (we don't start up the wood stove until it starts raining) and I get sleepy when I'm cold, and the other is because I'm worn out again. The bed is calling me, and I think I'm going to heed its beckoning hail. So, I'm signing off. Night. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Days Roll On...

So, its another Wednesday and I've got absolutely nothing to post really. Just a few updates would be in order. Mission Manga is at a stand still for right now, because under more scrutiny, the online rental place was going to be a tad more expensive than first anticipated. Therefore I'm going to have to go down to one of the bookstores and just go through everything Manga. There seems to be some sort of slowdown on really good series and I'm wondering if the Manga companies in Japan have suddenly realized just how popular their books have become here and are holding out. Technically good business strategy, but irritating. My fellow branch managers will have to wait a bit before I can put together a working list.

Once again returning to my small herd of feathered dinosaurs, we've discovered that two of the so called hens are actually roosters. One is Brutus the Brahma. He's a big chicken, so I should've guessed that it wasn't a hen. But he's so docile. I can still pick him up and hold him and he doesn't care, and he follows me around like a puppy when I'm outside. The other has no name, and is one of the Australorpes. He's an idiot. I've been speculating that his idiocy is do to his unusually small head. Snapshots of him are difficult to get as he's ... well he's a chicken. In both senses of the word. The hens are all doing fine, and they keep the Lorp rooster in check. Thus his total lack of tail feathers. Apparently the hens learn early to keep the males battered and under control from an early age. Lorp has no tail and probably never will. Sad but true.

Tomorrow, I get up early and head in for my internship, so I will be hitting the sack soon. Its fun working in the cataloging department. Every day you get in boxes full of new stuff, so its basically Christmas every day! :) Its a nice place to work, and you learn something new every time. Well, its getting late, so I'd better hit the sack. Night to all. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A little light on a subject...

After picking up the Transformers movie, I found a little advertisement for entering a sweepstakes for the 2009 Camero that was featured as Bumblebee in the movie, and I have to admit that I really love that car. However, I will probably still be too much in the whole by then to get one. I can always wait a few years until the car starts being resold at a lower amount of money. I'd enter the sweepstakes but apparently if you win the car, Chevy ends up with the rights to your privacy, and I am not one to be giving those away for a car. Even if its a really nice car that brings trumpet fanfare to mind whenever I see a picture of it. Ah well. We shall see what ends up happening in a few years. Its a plan, not a hope. It was pointed out to me that "only being able to deal with the public for so long" might be taken wrong. And I have to admit that this rings true. In truth I meant that I just need me time, and in no way was I slamming my job. I love my job. Please keep that in mind. The territorial comment was another statement that could've been taken the wrong way. Its nothing bad, just its an odd feeling to come back to work and feel like things have been moved. For me its a little disorienting, and I'm not fond of it. If anyone was taken aback, I apologize. If anyone thinks I'm over reacting, you can say let me know that as well. Back to the normal routine of every day life, I was back in front of the TV all day. In point of fact, I am still in front of the TV catching up on Smallville. Dinner is also a part of this little couch potato escapade. Perhaps later I will dive into the pages of a book. Or better yet I can go through my comic books... and reread some of them. Or in the more childish of activities I can rearrange the action figures. So, this basically means I will go back to doing absolutely nothing for the next couple of days.. or rather day, as I've already used up my Sunday. Until I post again. ;)