Friday, April 5, 2013

Grover for the Win

Three years ago, I posted about Grover from Sesame Street and the spoof they did of a certain commercial. While wasting time... uh... exploring YouTube I came across it again, and I decided that it needs another posting for posterity if nothing else. The original post only had the Grover spoof, this one allows you to view (and it's not a waste, because it's funny as hell too) the spoofee, and then the spoofer. Here ya go.

Everyone needs a good laugh, and this certainly made my night of anxiety based insomnia seem less problematic. In fact, I might actually be able to get some sleep tonight. Because for the last month I've been feeling a lot like Lambikins in this picture. Even the aloof Mr Kitty has been concerned.

Yeah, I know. I've given my stuffed animals personalities, but I'm used to having pets, and can't have any here, so.... stuffed animals with personalities it is. A healthy imagination is a good thing. The only plus side I can find in that picture is that  so far, my head hasn't fallen off, although it's certainly felt like it should during research essay work.

... someone remind me why going to Uni was a good idea...

Ah... it's 3 a.m. Bedtime. My days are officially all screwed up.

Anyhow. Hope you enjoy Grover.