Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Morning Window

Several weeks ago, I think I threatened to put up items that I can see from my window. It's all 5th floor view up here, which makes it easier to take pictures of things. It also helps that I have a really nice camera now that lets me focus on items of interest from varying degrees of distance. All the bird shots were taken from quite a ways off.

Anyway, back to a morning photo. It's nothing impressive, but I sure do like the colours. :) This was taken just as dawn was breaking. I've got two windows in my room. One faces directly east into the sunrise every morning and I get some spectacular shows when I'm up early. Which is 3 times a week, and sometimes more if I'm feeling masochistic. Otherwise I sleep in when I can.

At night, it's a different story. Especially when it's clear skies and there's a full moon. It lights up the entire area; more so than I remember it doing in the states. I don't think we're closer here. Maybe it has to do with atmosphere. We may never know. Pictures like this make me really love my camera, and I feel a need to apologize to it for not take it out and using it. Homework, readings, essays and projects take first priority however.

In fact I'm procrastinating a bit here with this blog entry. I don't really want to write up and 1000 word essay on logical fallacies. :P But who knows, it might be fun inventing examples for a few of those. If you learn these you will never been able to watch public political debates without either laughing hysterically, or becoming depressed. Depends on your point of view I guess. Up to you. Actually that 'either/or' boarders on a Black and White fallacy. Which basically means that you only have two choices or decisions possible and no other option. Keep in mind though that anything is possible, so try thinking outside a box a bit. :)