Saturday, July 19, 2008


Ever have one of those days when you just wish something would go right? A day where your 6-7 year old Dell laptop wasn't pronounced terminal and sent home to die? Where your car didn't cough and sputter at each hill making you wonder at the wisdom of driving home on the freeway amongst the up and coming NASCAR speed demons. Its like running barefoot through a cow pasture. Don't hit a speeding cow, and avoid the messes they leave in their wake. A day where you knew you had a reliable car, in which you could get to your destination, and not chew your nails to the roots about whether or not it'll start when you come back to it. Or a day when you didn't have to start trying to figure out where you're going to find the money for a new laptop once your old friend passes on. I'm really going to miss my laptop. 

Its been a repugnant few days. Getting into trouble at work was the start, and I just... *sighs* After the rotten day at work Friday, I decided to take some advice and go to a Spa Party at my gym. The smoking hills have kept me cooped up at home, due to not being able to breath very well, so I haven't been for a while. I guess I was missed. There were many little stations to visit. Personally I took complete advantage of a lady who was giving massages, and then got dragged over to a table where a lady was doing mini manicures. Which is why my nails are now covered in peeling gloss. My nails are generally abused 24/7 at work, home and everywhere in between. Last but not least, I got to sit with a lady who was telling fortunes with runes. Not throwing them, just reaching into a bag, and pulling one out while you think real hard about your question. She tells you what the rune means, and what its most general fortune is... of course mine were pretty damned weird. Heh. I had a good time though, and the lady was nice. For a time there I even forgot about my rotten day. I guess I'm just feeling warn out, and I just need to rest. 

Feeling bluer than normal I guess .... is bluer a word?