Friday, October 12, 2007

The Haunted Car.....

Imagine its early in the morning, when its still partially dark and the animal world is caught between those going to sleep, and those just groggily waking up. Enter one of the groggy ones, namely me, as they stagger from a nice warm house, complete with bag and what could pass for a lunch ... if you have a lot of imagination. Which I hope you have given how this started out. The fact that Dad's car had a flat tire when it didn't the night before should've been my first clue, actually my second. The true first would've been my regular vehicle had its water pump go out after we'd replaced all the tubes for the coolant system.

Back to the flat tire, which I noted as I went past, and approached one of the back up cars. Car problems have been plaguing me lately, so I'm glad I have onl
ine courses. Even if I can't get to work, I can still get to my classroom! The curse of the car problems struck again as I started the back-up car. Those sleepy animals I mentioned before? The ones just waking up and the ones just going to sleep? Well, lets just say when the horn in the car went off... and refused to return to quiesent slumber until needed, all those little critters were very awake. Probably including the neighbors who are probably going to hang me if they find out it was me with the defective car. Several minutes later, I had the horn off, but was a little shakey because of the sudden shattering blast of sound. Dad, running on 4 hours of sleep, and I managed to remove the wires to the horn until we could figure out what has set it off. So, now hornless I traveled to work in a car I kept expecting to ... well do something. Its a distinctly odd feeling not trusting an inanimate object. Especially when you're working with it.

Aside from my haunted automobile, its been raining. Its nice when it rains. The woods smell good and the danger of fire isn't so extremely high. Things are going good at work and at the internship. Not much else to say really. I have one homework assignment left to do, and then I can sleep all weekend. I hope. I really do need some down time, but what will end up happening is me working on a Manga list for my fellow branch managers so they have suggestions/requests to make to the selector. I did something similar with Sci-Fi movies earlier, and I guess the list was popular. ;) Anyway, I'm off to veg out in front of a TV. Rare for me, but I take every chance I get. Night.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Copyright Steps Out of My Book... o.O

Four days! I'm slipping! I went four days without posting anything, but I have excuses. Let me know if you want to hear them, because I haven't come up with any just yet. Strikes of creativity hit me better when I'm answering on the fly.

First off, I have another DB assignment, so I will go ahead and answer the question.
"What keeps you motivated in your online course?" For me I have to say that feedback from the instructor and my fellow students plays a large role in keeping me coming back for more. Hearing from others on the same topic is generally fascinating, and I love the discussions that can spring from the depths of everyone's experiences. I will say though that I do fall down sometimes on my motivation. Usually when I tire myself out, or when stressful situations are sapping my ability to stay interested in things, however I have been very good about prodding myself to stay aware of whats going on on the DB. Even when I'm in a slump. ;) Overall, I really enjoy online classes. I never get the interaction from classmates and instructor in a f2f class, that I do online, and that's the part that I enjoy the most. Okay, as well as learning new things, or having my views turned in new and interesting directions.

Take two. You may have noticed that I mention copyright as the post title. That is there because I had some unexpected insight on the readings for my Lib Sci course. And of all placed to find it, I happen across it at the Sci Fi convention I was at. My assigned reading was all about cop
yright laws, infringements and so on. I wish I had gone to the costume exhibit before I'd turned in my paper, because I got to meet one of the curators for Universal Studios archives. When I say archives, I mean the place is literally a museum of items used in Movies and TV shows, all of which are copyrighted or trademarked. Everything from the hand held computer from Quantum Leap to the clothes that were worn by the characters in the movie Serenity. I was allowed to take pictures, but what I could do with these pictures after that fell into very grey waters. She said that you can probably get away with posting these pictures on a personal blog that is password protected, and can only be seen by a few people, but that you'd have to be careful on how you used them otherwise. Universal can come down on you for posting these pictures without their permission, however it was a vague set of rules, and they don't always come down on everyone. There was also some talk of how they actually have people who sit at computers and do image searches to find people abusing their materials. The conversation went one to discuss images copyrighted by families of famous people, such as Marilyn Monroe and Martin Luthor King Jr. Their image, anything they said, anything at all having do with them cannot be used without the permission of their family. If you draw a picture of them, they technically have the rights on it. The more we talked, the more I came to understand just how much copyrights are in our lives, and I have to say its somewhat frightening. So, I have some wonderful pictures of the costumes, and other things used in movies, but I won't be posting them. I supposed paranoia has set in. ;) It was just so odd, that we just did all this reading and discussion for my class on copyright, and I get to talk to someone who absolutely has to be aware of it, and knows it so well. Really brought it to life.

I do get to post a picture of a fellow who was dressed as a Storm Trooper from Star Wars. He said it was fine. What makes this sort of funny, is that his costume was so good that I didn't realize he was real until he moved away from the other displays. Gave everyone a good jolt when he stepped away from the rest of the dummies! ;) Up until then, he'd just walked into the room, found a place that made him look like part of the exhibit, and stood perfectly motionless until people passed by. Then he'd move out behind them and follow along until someone turned around and freaked out. Evil sense of humor, but I loved it. ;) Its not late, but I have other homework to get a start on at least, so hopefully I will be back before too long to post yet again. Heh. I sound like some phantom poster... Okay, that came out wrong. So, I'll run with it and come back again to post another day. Night.