Friday, October 12, 2007

The Haunted Car.....

Imagine its early in the morning, when its still partially dark and the animal world is caught between those going to sleep, and those just groggily waking up. Enter one of the groggy ones, namely me, as they stagger from a nice warm house, complete with bag and what could pass for a lunch ... if you have a lot of imagination. Which I hope you have given how this started out. The fact that Dad's car had a flat tire when it didn't the night before should've been my first clue, actually my second. The true first would've been my regular vehicle had its water pump go out after we'd replaced all the tubes for the coolant system.

Back to the flat tire, which I noted as I went past, and approached one of the back up cars. Car problems have been plaguing me lately, so I'm glad I have onl
ine courses. Even if I can't get to work, I can still get to my classroom! The curse of the car problems struck again as I started the back-up car. Those sleepy animals I mentioned before? The ones just waking up and the ones just going to sleep? Well, lets just say when the horn in the car went off... and refused to return to quiesent slumber until needed, all those little critters were very awake. Probably including the neighbors who are probably going to hang me if they find out it was me with the defective car. Several minutes later, I had the horn off, but was a little shakey because of the sudden shattering blast of sound. Dad, running on 4 hours of sleep, and I managed to remove the wires to the horn until we could figure out what has set it off. So, now hornless I traveled to work in a car I kept expecting to ... well do something. Its a distinctly odd feeling not trusting an inanimate object. Especially when you're working with it.

Aside from my haunted automobile, its been raining. Its nice when it rains. The woods smell good and the danger of fire isn't so extremely high. Things are going good at work and at the internship. Not much else to say really. I have one homework assignment left to do, and then I can sleep all weekend. I hope. I really do need some down time, but what will end up happening is me working on a Manga list for my fellow branch managers so they have suggestions/requests to make to the selector. I did something similar with Sci-Fi movies earlier, and I guess the list was popular. ;) Anyway, I'm off to veg out in front of a TV. Rare for me, but I take every chance I get. Night.

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