Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Outdoor Pet Store...

Where I'm from most pet stores have parrots of every make and model. They run the gambit from black and grey to bright scarlet, and usually they're sitting in a cage looking remarkably bored. They squawk loudly to see if you'll jump. The locks on the cages are thoroughly inspected by hooked beak and tongue, carefully checking for a way to get the doors open. Not all the parrots do this, but I've seen quite a number of the larger smarter parrots pulling the squawk trick, and the lock inspection. And generally, they're alone in their cage. Not always, but it seems to be the way of things in a pet shop.

So, imagine you go to a place were a lot of those parrots live wild. They ALL flock. Almost never do you see a species of parrot alone, and this covers all the ones I've seen. Everything from Budgies to Cockatoos have a group, depending on species. Some are small groups, some are large, and they are everywhere you go. It's like walking around in a outdoor pet store where no one has to buy a bird. Everyone enjoys their antics (there are exceptions of course).

But it's really cool to open the shades in the morning at dawn and to see a bunch of these.

Sorry about the picture being a bit small, but it was all the way on the other side of the bowling fields, and the camera just barely focused on it. This is a Galah. I don't ever remember seeing one at home at the local pet shop. They're about the size of an African Grey Parrot. Sort of on the small side, but very smart and agile. Usually I see them in flocks of 5 to 8, and they spend their time looking for food, playing and generally goofing off. Like a pack of teenage boys who are up to no good.

He does look like he's up to no good. In reality the flock was looking for standing water on the tops of the buildings so they could take a bath. They must have found some up there, because there was an awful lot of splashing going on for a while. :)

I should just start up a once a week thing on a certain day.

"Things I Can See From My Window"

... jeeze... now i feel like a peeping tom..