Monday, June 14, 2010

And.... We're Back!!

Today, I left home early. Once again, I was driven to run for the sake of my poor eardrums. They can only take so much Banshee singing. Thus I found myself at the pet shop getting dog food. Yes, I was brave enough to go get dog food again. Anyway, after that, I tootled off to my Physical Therapy appointment. That was actually kinda funny. I've really been keeping up on my exercises and it shows. There haven't been any hand tremors since Friday, and even that was slight, and partially due to me using my hand a lot during a pencil drawing class. This results in me getting some strengthening exercises to go with the ones that do a traction type movement with my neck. I was so happy to be able to do the drawing again, without my hand going bonkers that I brought in some of my art to show him. It really meant a lot to me that he got me back to the point where I could draw again. He was totally floored. LOL! Oh, that was funny.

Afterwards, I wandered over to The Big Salad Shop for lunch. BEST SALADS EVER. I eat lunch there a lot. While I ate lunch I sat on the patio, ate lunch and read a book. It was so nice. Free time has been such a rare thing for me over the years. On the down side, I discovered that my feet really need some sandals. The Halflingers are great during Winter, Spring and Fall... but not so good when the temps hit 95+, which led me up the street to the shoe store where I put a pair of sandals on hold until I get my paycheck. Then I suckered myself into looking at type of bicycle I've been eyeballing for about two years. I have a bike, but its a serious mountain bike with a seat built for the numb-of-ass. My posterior is just a tad more delicate, and the position of the handlebars are awkward. I love the bike, but it's just not built for a ride to the grocery store any back. It's built to take you down mountain sides and up the next with extreme efficiency. Don't get me wrong. It's an awesome bike, but ... not so good for cruising around town.

So, I drooled on a bright red bike at the bike shop, and found out that they have lay away. Really... you have lay away? Oh, man. I got myself out of there before I could get myself in more trouble. The brand name and model of the bike left with me on the back of a business card. On the way home, I passed my Dad and Sister heading down the hill... Which meant I was going home to a house with an abandoned Banshee. ... joy. Upon arriving home, he was indeed crying and carrying on. Being one that has a low tolerance for loud noises, (and I do realize the irony of this) I plugged myself into a pair of earphones, jacked it into my ipod and cranked up the volume. Then proceeded to put together my fish tank. Which I got three years ago at Christmas. I figured it was about time to set it up. Procrastination is one of my specialities.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chickens On The Porch, Where Art Thou?

Alrighty. If anyone is wondering where Callie is from Chickens On the Porch, she is currently without Internet connection. If everyone is now wondering how I managed to get online if there is no Internet connection, its because I fled the house Saturday after work, and am currently making use of a friends wireless system. With their consent of course. BUT for the near future there may be a small space where there aren't any posts from either of us. Just thought I'd let you know. Never fear. If worse comes to worse, I shall put Mom in the car with my laptop and drive her down to the library where the Internet service is FREE, and on ALL THE TIME. Thus, she may post.

In the meantime, hang in there. We're working on it.