Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Post Class Jitters...

Granted I lied a little. My internship doesn't end until this Friday, but my other classes are done, and I'm already signed up for a class in the spring. The least favorite classes are yet to come. Speech has never been a favorite, but that's one I will have to take, and a bunch of English courses if I decide to do a BA in English. Although I'm not entirely sure I want to do that. I'm also looking at a BA in Liberal Arts, which is generally taken for teachers and librarians. Who knows. This will take some looking into I suspect, and there is still time as I need to take pre-reqs for any college I want to get into ... assuming that is that they'll have me. I'm starting to wonder if I didn't miss out in waiting this long before going after a BA and a Masters.

Somewhere I missed out on the college experience. Being able to just concentrate on the classes and not worry about anything else would've been nice. Looking back on that area of time when that could've happened though, I wasn't ready for that. Now though, I think I would be. At the root of this is the fact that I'm slow to do anything. Everyone else went racing through this period in their life already and I'm just now thinking about it. Heh. ;) Typical me. I like to think all these things through before I do something. Maybe its too late to do it now. I'm already buried in a job and other responsibilities. Not that I couldn't just walk away from it all. I could, but I don't want to.

Here it is 6 days before Christmas... and I'm starting to get tired of the entire season already. Heh. Christmas carols were dropping from my mouth at work while I wasn't paying much attention. So, maybe I'm not totally out of the loop yet. Its been a totally crappy year so far, but what I'm hoping for is a better new year. Just two more weeks or so and then things will get better. Please.... get better. I wonder if that's a possible new years resolution... Anyway, I'm just babbling at this point. If I don't get around to posting before Christmas, *crosses fingers*Merry Christmas to everyone who bothers looking at this. Night. :)

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Barbara said...

oh yes, I too have this weary holiday spirit problem. I think the song by Faith Hill,"Christmas where have you gone?" explains it best. I remember when I was younger in my twenties and even in my early thirties, Christmas was fun and exciting. I think a lot of it is because I spent Christmas with Dad, Con and Wendy. Now dad is gone,(I still miss him so bad)and Con and wendy are in Mississippi. Connie has the same problem this time of year, she calls me and tells me how bad she misses me. She even sent gifts this year. I am grateful for my first Christmas with my husband and children. We sat here all Christmas day and watched movies. We did the big family thing on Saturday. I miss Foresthill so damn bad and you and Robin,Vina,Rayanne,Betty,Annette Mr. murrin, Mr. Malone, Kathy L. and so many others. Mostly the friendship, acceptance and laughter with you,Robin,Vina,betty and the libraries! The sweet quiet of the libraries. I pray your Christmas was joyous. Hug yourself from me! Barb