Friday, July 25, 2008

And THEN....!

Okay, it's a misleading header. Or rather its going to be something of a let down. Those of you who expected some fantastic post are going to have to go back to chewing on their blanket, staring at the tube, or chasing under-aged humans. You know who you are. Yes, the crooked finger has been pointed in a general direction. The rest of you are going to have to get used to never being told what this all means. Apparently my evil streak has stepped forward this week and taken the wheel, while I found some quiet spot to sit down, look at a comic book and wave a hand vaguely in distress. Uh huh.. yeah...

You might have noticed I haven't said anything about work in months. Or you might not. I don't think anyone reads this except me. Every once in a while I go back to the beginning and marvel at how enthusiastic I was about this whole idea, and wonder what the (cover the under-aged humans eyes, as there is a curse word coming up) hell happened. Maybe its because I had energy back then, or perhaps I was doing something at the time that I actually enjoyed. Right now I'm having trouble figuring out why I want a higher degree of education. On the bright side I have reminders of why I wanted a higher degree of education. They take shapes and forms, such as an oddly colored car. Or a little house which is for sale right next to where I work. Just think of all the money I'd save just walking across the street to work every day. Or maybe a new car would be good... I can't get any of that now, because what little money I've got is going to get funneled straight into a new computer.... so much for saving up. This is not what I'd intended to ramble about. It was work wasn't it?

Back to work. Well, things are going really well with branch operation, summer reading programs, and general checkouts have gone through the roof. Since I root for the glass-is-half-full-team, I chalk up all these wonderful things to extreme heat, unhealthy breathing conditions outside and the results of what happens when gas prices go through the roof. It was a nice roof too. Results? Everyone stayed home this summer. Everyone is stuck indoors, and everyone is freaking BORED, so they all come to the library for relief of said boredom, relief from the heat (we were asked by the county to keep our branches at a balmy 72 degrees F.) and of course... they could breath. Which means this isn't a normal pattern. I fully expect to get darned quiet again. Ah well. It was nice while it lasted. We won't be discussing other aspects, as I think it would be unwise at this point for me to vent online. Okay, I won't ever vent about this online. Sorry. You'll have to dust off those rusty rarely used imaginations. The evil me is cackling at the wheel, the rotten little abomination.

More wonders shower down from above in the form of lice... on my chickens. Chicken Lice. Do you know what this means? That I'm in good company. Nope, sorry. Joking. No, this means that I probably will have to go get nasty medicated powder from the feed store and dowse my chickens with it. Ugh!! And dust the chicken house... and dust the nest boxes. Crap! What a royal pain in the butt. *sighs* This is just not my month. Its better than some months I've had which makes me extremely glad its just lice/mites.. whatever. Its fixable.

Just stick me with a fork already. I'm done.

And yes. I'm cranky.

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callie said...

Ok... sigh of relief... there for just a minute I thought... no don't say anything... but you didn't, so all is well... hee, hee, ha, ha...

Hope you are having fun at GG's, I am missing you and Dad. Quiet here.

Got to go let the chickens and their lice/mites/? out... It would be neat if it was just protein starved chickens eating each others feathers... or something easy to fix like that... change the feed! But no, I guess we will dose them and the surrounds with chemicals. Ugh!

Keep on ranting. Love to read your posts!