Thursday, August 27, 2009

Miss Me???

Yes, I know. Its been months, but I seriously haven't felt like writing anything on my blog. In all honesty I was recovering from two semesters of Japanese classes. Can I now speak Japanese? No. Can I watch a movie or anime in Japanese and understand it? No. Can I at least make myself partially understood? Probably, but I would be so damned embarrassed by my attempt I'd have to go hide in a nice dark closet for several days. What was the point you ask? For some hideous reason, I actually like the language, even though I was a total failure at catching on. Which caused a huge amount of stress. I'm rather spoiled in that I usually am able to breeze through classes without too much effort, so when I run into a subject I suck at... I become a human basket case. Two semesters of being a human basket case will do horrible horrible things to you... like make you spend money to have your wisdom teeth removed... (What the hell was I thinking?... okay, I was thinking that the economy sucks right now, and in the near future I might lose my dental insurance ((god forbid)) and I should do it NOW. ) or kick the rather vulnerable ego knees out from under you... or... Well other things that aren't coming to mind right now, but were equally mind numbing.

Thus I decided to ignore everything except summer programs for my job. Except I got tripped up with that... You see, having my wisdom teeth removed also taught me that I have a bad reaction to certain medications. Ugh, that was fun. So once I'd completely destroyed the month of June for myself, I spent the next two months just messing around. Going out to eat, invading bookstore and leveling my bank account in the process, reading said books, and watching Anime online. There's some really good stuff out there! Especially subbed. I have no idea where the hell the big Anime companies get their translators, but my god, they ruin a lot of quality shows dubbing them. *shudder* It still takes me at least 30 episodes into dubbed Bleach to not be extremely irritated with the not only the voices chosen, but the hatchet job they did on the translation.

I did go to see a few movies. "Watchmen" (which Dad and I call "Big Blue". To understand that you'll have to see the movie. I am NOT explaining.) which was one of the most loyal comic adaptations I have -EVER- seen. Well done, if a bit surprising... just because it was so dead on. Others on the list were "Wolverine", which was pretty good, even though I had reservations about seeing it. Marvel has a habit of harping on things, and after a while it gets irritating. Then there was "Star Trek". The first time I saw it, I was so blitzed by the action I couldn't tell if I liked it or not. So, I went to see it again to try and figure out whether I liked it or not... I DO like it. A lot. The characters were so well portrayed and loyal to the original cast that in certain cases it was like they were channeling the original actors. It was almost creepy. Funny as all hell, but creepy. After that I didn't see anything for a LONG time partially because I had my wisdom extracted, and partially because I was so exhausted after work I couldn't even get up the energy to sit in a theater. However, I did go to see "Ponyo" on Monday. I loved it. Its a Ghibli Studio release, and it very much a children's movie, but it was still great. And a couple of weeks back I went to see "The Ugly Truth", which I really ended up loving. Normally romantic comedies are NOT my thing, but I HAD to escape from the house that day, and the theater was my best bet of something to do while down the hill. Ugly Truth is extremely well done, and very funny. I haven't laughed that hard in a theater since I saw "Something's Gotta Give".

I'm sure I did other stuff during the summer, but at the moment I can't remember anything else to mumble about. School starts on Monday, but I've only got one class. And after that I've only got a speech class to take. I cannot fully express my dire hatred of speech classes. Its beyond my ability to explain. If there was a way around this, I would get around it... with all due haste.

I shall possibly post again soon, but don't hold your breath. I'd hate to have your death on my conscience.

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Callie said...

Wow! A post. Great post. Terrific. Monday? Yikes... I didn't realize class was that close. But, it is great that it is a day class. Nix on the night classes. How about you finding out about the speech classes available while you are at school this semester. Maybe you can find a good fun one?