Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What Have You Done Now?!

A couple of days ago, I was passing from the living room to the kitchen and glanced down the hallway. And this is what I see.

Now, I ask you, would you begin thinking that she'd done something wrong? I get suspicious when she does things like this. Its like she turns on the cute switch to distract me from the fact that a couple of weeks ago she got into a garbage bag and ate chicken bones. I was not pleased. She goes and gets things out of Mom's bathroom, and cuddles with them in the hallway. Things such as ... the bar of soap, or a rubber ducky. And she loves used bounce dryer sheets. After finding one, she smuggles them upstairs to roll around on them. I find pieces of them here and there... and in her fur. I've come to the conclusion that her soul was destined for the body and destiny of a suave master British Cat Burglar, what with the absolute

penchant she has for sneaking the most obvious of items past us. She knows I'm not pleased, therefore she pulls things like this. I spend a great deal of time thanking the PTBs (powers that be) that she wasn't born with thumbs. Dear god, it would've been a disaster. Sure, she looks cute, and she'd probably get away with it, if her devilish nature wasn't also glaring at me.

Its January, therefore I'm due for a pick-me-up. For no particular reason I present you with this:


Callie said...

Is that a pumpkin? You are so funny. Morgan must have had a cold nose in the photo. How can you suspect her of such devious behavior. Oh! Yes... it is true she got the chicken bones, but that was Tom's fault for leaving the garage door open, not Morgan's fault at all. She is just a sweet little doggie following her nose and doing what doggies do naturally. Eat! She only does those other things when she is away from her chickens. She gets bored. Maybe we should get Morgan a house chicken?

Callie said...

Hi ya, kiddo! I'm trying out your new word verification. noodie? Pretty cute. Hope you won't get anymore goofy comments now.

Callie said...


Thought I'd give you another chance to check your comment moderator.

Thanks for commenting on my blog!


Callie said...

I thought you made a new post?