Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When Faced with the Choice of a Macaroon or Dog Food...

Just a word of warning to those of you who agonize when faced with very little time, and the choice to be selfish or generous... be selfish. Don't get the dog, dog food. Especially if she's not really in need of another bag for some days yet. These were the things on my mind as I left a little later than I expected to today when I left for work. To macaroon, or not to macaroon. There was only time to stop at one place before getting to work on time. Thus I was faced with a choice. Go to the bakery and get fresh squeezed lemonade and freshly baked moist macaroons, or go get my dog her dog food. Being a good owner, and knowing I'd feel guilty while eating and drinking such items, thereby rendering them imperfect, I went and responsibly got my dog her food.

And was rewarded for this by single-handedly catching a small speeding Subaru Imprezza squarely in my car's trunk. I had no idea that such little cars could reach speeds of Mach 1. There was literally 2 seconds for me to say, ".... oh sh!t..." before the little red speed ball whapped into my back end. Oddly, it was the Imprezza with bigger share of the damage. Its been a long weird day, filled with phone calls to insurance companies, parents, co-workers, the boss, and an auto body shop. Seriously though, I really could have done without my car scrunching experience.

Tomorrow will be fun as well. I get to see the doctor. Again. He can look at my shoulder, which is behaving oddly, and tell me,"Yep. You've strained it. Here, let me throw anti-inflammatory medication at you, and strap you into a sling for two weeks while your muscles recover." Personally, I think this man hates his job, because he smiles too much, and is afflicted with the false cheerfulness you find in an overworked Santa stand-in during the Christmas rush. Its like staring at badly installed veneers. I really need to find a different doctor.

After that, I think Dad and I have to go out to the auto-body shop and talk to them about the car. I'm hoping it won't take long to fix, because frankly, I love my little Honda. I was quite impressed with it. It didn't stall out when it got hit, didn't move forward very much, and kept me pretty damned safe. Strangely, I got hit right outside the Honda dealership I bought it from, and they were so nice. They let me sit in their waiting area while I made all the calls I had to, and checked out my car for me to see if it was safe to drive or not. Which it wasn't. The exhaust assembly is screwed up enough that it might fall off if I drive it.

So, do remember... If you have the choice of getting macaroons or dog food.... GO GET THE COOKIE!!!


Callie said...

Always get cookies. You need to think of yourself more, Kristine.

I love your Honda and the Honda dealership! The car and the dealership took such good care of you. What are the odds? A Honda getting rear ended in front of the Honda dealership where it was bought.

Love you! Mom

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Kristine ~ Glad to hear you're o.k. , just read your Mom's blog and thought I would head over here to read your account of the wreck. Your sense of humor leaves me smiling , I'll remember to go for the cookies if I'm ever faced with that situation.

~ Many Blessings ~

Little Messy Missy said...

Hope the shoulder heals...I would have had a macaroon, no juice,only coffee for me!!! Sorry about your car that is the shits!

Kristine said...

Actually its even stranger than that. The other accident that I had barely passed when mine happened, involved a Honda CR-V from the same dealership. So it was two Honda's from the same dealership; both rear-ended outside the dealership where they were purchased. I think we both ended up at the dealership although I didn't realize it at the time. The mechanics looked both cars over, and made sure we had a place to sit and calm down. Very good people at that dealership.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

glad u liked thge blog!!

Denise said...

I love my Honda also but do remember when we had only had it for a week, someone smashed into the back of us when we had to stop on the freeway due to heavy traffic during a rainstorm and caused $4,000 worth of damage. Fortunately no one was hurt and I am so glad you were okay as well. Go for the macaroons :)