Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Museum Shock

Where to begin, that is the question. I suspect that I will not be able to smash everything I want into this post, nor will I get everything I wanted to write about on the blog before the end of the week. So you people out there in Internet land get to enjoy Phoenix longer than I do. I hope you're happy.

Yesterday my friend was in meetings all day, and mine had pretty much wrapped up for the week. Finding myself with a lot of extra time on my hands, I decided to walk down to the Phoenix History museum. My friend asked me if I was insane for wanting to go walking around in 109 degree temps. The sad truth is, I didn't even break a sweat. I got a slight clammy feeling to my skin and that was it. Some might accuse me of wearing a tank top and shorts.... I was in fact wearing a t-shirt, with a long sleeved sweat shirt over it. And jeans. Should I be concerned about my body's ability to regulate temperature? I'm starting to wonder.

A half an hour of walking, getting slightly turned around, and then arriving at my destination had me somewhat disappointed. It was closed. The times on the door stated that they should be open, so I approached the front door only to find a notice on the door informing the general populace that the Phoenix History Museum had lost its funding, and as of June 30th would be closing its doors. The neighboring Science Museum has acquired the building and all its assets and is currently trying to find a sponsor to fund it. I must be living in some hole, or abyss, because I had no idea that Museums weren't funded, at least in part, by the government. Or local county, city or governing entity. Where I'm from, yes, there is a small entrance fee sometimes, but nothing like what I'm finding here... and I have to say that I'm somewhat horrified. The Museums in Arizona don't get any funding through government. They're all paid for through corporate entities like banks, or Pepsi or something along those lines. O.O Excuse me, but if the only money coming in, is from a large company, what assurance do I have that they aren't pulling history make overs? "Re-Write it this way, or we'll yank your funding!" I'm damned alarmed by this.

Getting into the Phoenix Science Museum was also entertaining. Like Movie entertaining. You know when you go to see a movie, you fork over $8.00 for a matinee? Well just switch that to $12. Then go inside the theatre and you smell popcorn and decide to go get a bucket. You get a bucket because they give you no choice in many cases. Then ,maybe, you want some candy, or a soda. This museum was much the same. $12 entrance fee, and then good luck seeing half the exhibits if the entrance fee was all you were expecting to pay. Its cheaper to go see a movie. Granted the museum was under construction, so a lot of things were blocked off, but what was open was in poor shape. Many of the exhibits didn't work, or were visibly worn and in this case, should not have been. 90% of the staff were volunteers, and they did a good job, but wow... scary. I didn't take pictures, because there just wasn't anything in there worth taking a picture of. Thursday we're supposed to go visit the Heard Museum in the morning before the tour groups hit. I really hope things are in considerably better shape.

After hiking around downtown Phoenix for various reasons, I found myself back near the hotel, and treated myself to a salad for lunch at the Greek restaurant, which is right behind the Starbucks. The night before three of us came here for dinner and got Greek Fries to go with dinner, and my it was good. The dining establishment involved is called My Big Fat Greek Restaurant.

The food you see on the right is a Caesar salad, and it was very very good. In fact I've been eating them with abandon. Their Greek Salad is also extremely good. I haven't tried anything off the rest of the menu yet, but I did have a little bit of gyro from someone else's dish, and it was good as well. The gyro I've had before was really greasy and tasted a bit off, but this was near perfect. I've got a picture of the Greek Fries on here too, which is served with feta and another cheese, melted and mixed with a lemon sauce which gets poured over the fries. I don't generally like potatoes, but those were sooo good. I may have to get those again, but to share, because the plates they give you are enormous.
The fingers you see are those of my friends. Sarah would be at the other end of the hand on the left, and Nancy is the owner of the fingers on the right. I didn't eat many, but its was damned hard to abstain. Potatoes don't agree with me, and I'm not going into details. I did discover sweet potato fries at the hotel. Heh. Now those I can eat without troubles. In fact they give them to you in a cut down paper bag so you can take them with you if you don't finish. I took them with me and ate them slowly over the last few days. Soooo very very good.

Several people pointed out after I posted last that I had neglected to put up a picture of the Teddy Bear I made. This was because I hadn't taken a picture of it before I posted last. I've remedied the situation, and here is my bear.

There were three choices for color when we finished the tour off. Turquoise blue, black, and a Holstein cow black and white pattern. And that would've been all the choices, except that one little boy had somehow glommed onto a bright orange bear and that was the one he wanted to stuff... Attempts to dissuade his choice resulted in a pitched fit that was in many ways extremely ineffective. To me at least. So, our wonderful tour guide went into the back again to see what other color bears he could come up with. He came back with White, Honey and some other color that is escaping me at the moment. Obviously I got the Honey colored bear. Other popular choices were the cow pattern and ... actually I'm not sure anyone got the black or turquoise colored bears. There were two orange bears by the time we were done. Several cow bears, and one bright pink bear that wasn't even on the menu, but Stuffington was very accommodating where this tour was concerned. Each bear got their own ribbon set up. You could have gotten clothes for the bear, but that can get expensive. Thus, all the bears left naked except for a bow tie. That sounds oddly X rated....

There was also a request for a better picture of Fargo the Guide Dog (Guide Dogs for the Blind). He's Sarah's Guide Dog, and he's disgustingly cute. He also sleeps on me sometimes at night. Heh. He also doesn't like the camera, so I have to sneak up on him. Even so, he managed to look miserable. Or perhaps sleepy. So here we go:

And since we're doing this now, this is Yancy from Seeing Eye who guides for Nancy. No jokes please. I don't generally like German Shepherds because they tend to whine, but he doesn't. He talks, but doesn't whine:

And yes. Yancy is a gorgeous German Shepherd. Standing, sitting, sleeping, working or otherwise. He's a gentle soul.

I'm going to see another movie this morning, and then... who knows what I'm doing. That is, I'm going to see a movie if its not too crowded in there. I hate crowded theaters. Yesterday I went and saw Despicable Me, which is a kids movie, so it was predictable, and steeped in good morals, but it was fun anyway. :)


Callie said...

Scary news about the museums and no funding. Hope the Heard has lots of great Native American things for you to take photos of and post. Fargo is a cutie and so is your bear! Glad you have found a good place to eat since the hotel food is so expensive. The fries to sound and look good. Yum.

P.N. Subramanian said...

I had a notion that all museums are owned by the Government (barring exceptions). An interesting post. Thanks.