Friday, December 31, 2010

Short and Random

I'm not exactly sure when, but Mom found a Statistics page for how many people visit a given blog. For reasons unknown to me I started paying attention to the Stats tab out of curiosity. What I find sort of odd, is that the more often I write, the less people look at the blog. Perhaps I'm frightening people. Sorry about that. It's not really the time of year to write about scary stuff. October is really the month for that, but it's been a weird last 4 months of the year, and I got horribly distracted.

..... perhaps for the next few months I shall write nothing and see what happens? By writing nothing perhaps I shall draw in more people. Everything gets drawn in backwards for me. The minute I start wondering if I should stop writing on this blog, I get a storm of interest. Weird.

Whatever you all decide to do out there I'm wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Here. I'll leave you with this.

This is Mr Blue Bear. For whatever reason he was doing yoga positions on the floor of the laundry room. Later I began to suspect that he was in actuality begging for leniency, due to the fact that Mom was going to toss him into the washing machine. She tossed him in anyway, and then she strung him up outside by the ears with a pair of clothes pins to dry. See full story here.

Note to Self: Do not get so dirty that Mom throws you into the washing machine.

Happy New Year!

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Nickname unavailable said...

Silly story. Hope the yoga bear feels as clean as Morgan does on her fresh clean doggie bed. :) -cousin Holly