Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Room...

Those of you who were waiting for the 'Hell Flight' installment, will have to wait a bit. Family wanted to know what my room looked like, and how I was settling in. Truly settling in, I think, will take some time. Little things will tell me that I've settled in, such as, not having the bus driver yell an answer at me (which was sort of his fault because he was mumbling, and I could not hear him over the screaming 2 year old). Or not having to ask the at the library if I needed to get an library card, or if my student ID worked for that as well. It does.

Also, it might interest some of you (those that teased about coming here to find a guy) to know that a great many people here have, in the course of attempting to be polite, addressed me as 'Sir'. Someone other than myself would find this incredibly insulting. I, however, find myself rather amused. Most of these episodes happened when I was wearing on of my baseball caps. I suspect it is highly unusual for a female here to wear such a thing. Perhaps I am wrong. But I am still highly amused. :) So, I say to those who said I was coming to find a guy.... I don't think it's gonna happen. Sorry. Given that they already think I'm a guy. ;)

*small pause while I laugh.... a LOT*

Anyway! On to the pictures of my small studio apartment. Believe it or not, I once occupied a room smaller (and MUCH colder) than this. If you don't believe me, please feel free to check facts with my sister and parents. They can testify to my former room's tininess. So, here we go.

That is my front door, with a really big electronic lock on it. One of many on this building. If I forget my room key, I'm screwed. Heh, kidding. I just have to call an Resident Assistant, and they'll glare, huff, and let you in. And possibly charge me $10 for bothering them with such foolishness. ... There's the little kitchen, stove top, microwave below (so I can microwave my knees... which is why I tend not to like microwaves) and a sink and drainboard. There's lot of cupboard/drawer space below, and under the sink, management has hidden a vacuum. Which I do intend to use... eventually. I'm not a terribly messy person.

And if you turn you back on the front door and small kitchen, you have my work space, bedroom, bathroom on the left, and clothes storage on the right. There is a little heater attached to the wall next to the bed, and it works pretty well. I tend to use it at night as it gets a bit chilly in here. During the day it's fine, but at night it cools off quite impressively. It's actually fairly spacious for a studio apartment. I was expecting a lot less floor space. Oooh, and I lucked out! I got a corner apartment, which means I got two windows!!

That's the window on the right wall past the storage area, and then there's one above my bed, although the shade it closed on it. Night time and all, it helps keep the heat in. Mr Kitty snuck into the picture. I didn't realize he was there until after I uploaded it. Anyway, I'll leave it that way. :)

Next up we have my work desk! Complete with shelves to hold work materials and stuff for fun. Which I generally need a lot of when working my way through confusing materials. Or for when I just need something to smile at. If you're wondering what I was watching on the computer, it was a Midsomer Murders episode, and I'm not sure which one. I've been watching a lot of those. The item hanging off the side there is my coat, which SHOULD be hanging in the closet, but out of place stuff makes me feel more comfortable. Hopefully there's nothing embarrassing laying out for all to see... then again, I'm not sure I care.

So, that basically completes the tour of my room. No, I will not be showing photos of my bathroom. Who wants to see a bathroom??? It's nothing to write about, I can tell you that much. Although, there is a nice picture of my freshly made bed, with clean sheets, nicely lit by the morning sunshine. Sadly, a thorough washing did nothing to soften the linens. They're still scratchy and will undoubtedly succeed in giving me a rash. The good news is, the duvet cover no longer smells like moldering fish, which I suspect can be blamed squarely on the packing material it arrived in. :)

Yes, sadly it does resemble a prison bed, but at least it's comfy and warm at night. Which is all I really ask.
... now, to do something about the sheets....

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callie brady said...

What!? No comments... gee, I get to be the first... your friends and family must have given up checking to see when you would post.

I like the room, you can be comfortable there... hope you get the sheet situation softened, hee, hee...

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