Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You Can't See Me!

Personally I thought he was terribly obvious, but I probably should've taken the picture standing aways from the tank, so everything else was visible as well. In any case, I bet you can spot the fish who is absolutely positive that he's invisible.

"Seriously. I'm completely undetectable. Right?"

Having said that, I know where the mouth is, but I'm not sure where his eyes are. I thought I knew and then I swear something else blinked instead.
It was sorta creepy on many levels.

Sorry this is so short, but it's late here and I have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow for a course induction. Which sounds like a horrible medical procedure, but is in fact an introduction to the course I'm taking for my B.A. and yes, I am shaking in my rubber booties. Basically tomorrow I get to find out if I made a horrible mistake or not. :D
Go Me!

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Mary Guido said...

And then what happened!?!?!?