Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween... again!

Okay, so I've been just a bit busy with end of semester stuff and haven't had the time or the energy to get on my blog and update everyone. Hopefully starting next month I'll have a little extra time to post pictures and tell stories. Granted most of the interesting stuff is few and far between, and the pictures are mostly of birds that are in the Jacaranda tree outside my window. How do I know it's a Jacaranda tree?? Well... lets just say that it gives itself away in spring, and spends most of the winter masquerading as a giant dead twig sticking out of the ground. Anyway, I'll get you pictures so you can see. I suspect however they they won't do it significant justice.

So, right now back home its my favorite day of the year! Halloween! The other holidays are nice and all, but I truly love Halloween. The weather has turned cool and crisp, fall leaves are being shuffled along the ground in every direction, and there's this sense of anticipation. I can also breath during the fall, because all the pollen is gone and I am not dealing with allergies that make me sleepy. Which is probably why I feel so alive in the fall. That's my best explanation. Anyway, above is my pumpkin from last year. Usually I get more creative, but I hadn't done a traditional jack-o-lantern in a really long time, so... out came the triangles and the goofy grin. I like him. 

  Happy Halloween! 

P.S. I had little spinning pumpkins, but they ceased to spin, so I removed them when they became nothing but boxes inhabited by questions marks. Apologies. ;)

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callie brady said...

Happy Halloween! I like your pumpkin too. And I'll be looking forward to seeing the photos you were talking about. I like Fall and Winter best too.