Saturday, February 9, 2013

After the Revenge Cold... Toys!

As the title indicates, I did survive a revenge cold. This happens when you survive a cold, get over it entirely too fast for the cold's liking, and it harbors a few survivors so it can attack later with reinforcements. In short, it wasn't a pleasant two weeks. 

But eventually I did resurface and decided to needed to move around, so I went down into Perth and puttered around a bit. I also got groceries, which was something of a necessity considering I'd eaten just about everything I had on hand. Stuff that you stock away for later if/when you can't get to the store, or like me, were just too sick to go. Although I did make a quick jaunt to get toilet paper. That tends to be a need when you're sick with a head cold, that turned into a throat cold... that morphed into other things for which I was not appreciative. Yes, obviously I'm holding a grudge.

On my excursion out to Perth, I decided to stop at Empire Toys just to look around. They've got a really good selection of different collectors items from everywhere. You name it, they've probably got it or they can get it, or tell you HOW to get it if they can't. Nice people. :) Anyway, I found a wallscroll for my extremely empty walls, which I've really only got two of that have space. While they were ringing up my purchase they asked if I would be going to the anime convention that coming weekend. "Um, I didn't know about it." I stammered, as I took stock of how well I felt. Did I really want to wander around in a place I'd probably like while feeling wretched? Hmmm. I decided I did, and I went. I did try to get tickets before hand, but you could only get them online and the site did not like me.... So, I stood in line for 45 minutes when I got there. LOTS of people. Tooooo many people! But, I wanted to look at the dealer room, so after I got my wristband for the day I went and sat down for about half an hour, away from people and read a book. And had an iced decaf coffee. Nice!

The dealer room was enormous... and not full, but I'm not complaining. I spent quite a while wandering around the place and not seeing much of anything except the backs of people looking at merchandise. I did find Empire Toys towards the front, and waited for a space so I could look too. 

Generally when I go to these things, I don't get anything. Or if I do, it's small and useful, like a coin purse, or a keychain, or some other inconsequential thing. But I had been eye-balling some of the One Piece Figures at the shop. Honestly I was looking for a Luffy figure, but of course when I got back from the states, it had sold. Ah well. More will eventually come out. 

Anyway, they had a couple of Sanji figures that were fairly nice. And the more I looked at this one, the more I liked it. So I went ahead and bought one. (Sorry about any dust you may see on my desktop. It's a daily battle trying to get all of it. I'm honestly not sure why I bother, it just comes back the next day.) They have another one from the New World too, and my age old question of "Does Sanji actually have two eyes?" was answered. I'm trying not drop too much info here... Anyway, I might end up with that one too... Maybe not. 

For me there are no favorites in One Piece. I love the whole crew for totally different reasons. There are others in the show I absolutely detest, but that's alright because you're supposed to hate them with a passion. Lower scum has never been born... 

Once I bagged Sanji (yes, literally), I moved away from the table/booth so someone else could squeeze in, and started looking around again. Towards the back of the room where food vendor is located there was a small booth with stuff animals. Cute... strange, mutant stuffed animals. I've never seen anything quite like them before, and this is because the lady who ran the booth makes them. She designs them, created an entire story about them, and makes them by hand. .... I couldn't help myself. I've always liked stuff that was oddball. I got one, and brought it home. 

This is Lambikins. At least that's the name it came with. 
According to it's little brochure, it's a specially made one for Valentines Day, which is coming up here in the not too distant future. Hence it's little heart eye. The scars are because in the story it's part of a group of friends that has one rather violent member. In fact the tea party friends got together one afternoon, and sewed her mouth shut while she was napping, so she would stop biting them....

I can understand that....

Lambikins isn't your run of the mill sheep. Firstly, he's pink, has a black band on his ear (ear tag???) and four arms.... Yep. Four arms. The more to hug you with my dear... The brochure also mentioned that Lambikins likes to dress up in Wolf's clothing. No evidence of this yet, but I'll keep on eye on that. 

I had lots of fun posing him for pictures, and he poses himself too when your back is turned. Made for some rather entertain surprises. He's also managed to scare the heck out of me by falling from the window cell into the center of the floor. I'm still suspicious of this, as to get that far, he'd have to leap....

Anyway, it was all fun and games until he broke.

No Worries!
Just a joke! He's made so that his head comes off.
He's the "Oops! My Head Came Off" version of Lambikins. Apparently there are many more disturbing variations for several different stuffed animal friends. I just got lucky with this one, since it's the first once the lady made like this. She said she's been having all sorts of fun with it too. People would pick it up fast, and the head would fall off, and they'd be horrified. 

I like her sense of humor. >:)

See? All better. I had him sitting in the window for quite a while, but he'd fall over, or leap from the window... or just plain do odd things. This is the east facing window, and I suspect that he doesn't like the sunlight. I've moved him to my desk so he can lurk near the tissue box. You just never know what'll happen when you've got a plushie who's head can come off. 

Signing off for now. I figure you've had enough toy shop talk. 
Yes. I never grew up. And I'm not sorry! :)


callie brady said...

Head comes off! Wow, how cool is that! The little four legged critter is very cute. Glad you found something unique! And very glad you are feeling better and are getting over the cold. Gee, critters and food too! Now I want a stuffed animal I can take apart...

Knatolee said...

Okay, I WANT Lambikins!!!!