Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Three Little Minions

They do so love to play Totem.
Thought I'd just put this in for the nieces and nephews, as they sent these to me a long time ago, and I took pictures and I never managed to get them up on the blog. I call them, the three little minions. Normally they sit in an array on the window cell, but sometimes I need a place to lay out socks that the dryer has failed to dry (do no get my started on dryer failure) and I stack them to one side. For reasons unknown to me, this time when i stacked them, it sort of told a story. 

It appears the Hen can see everything, and Cow and Pig can't due to them having bellies in their eyes. Then I realized that it is in fact only Pig that can't see anything at all, because Cow, has a smiley face on the end of his nose. LOL! Yes, I'm easily amused, especially when I'm tired. 

Anyway, these guys were sent to keep me and another plushie company. I can him the Proboscis and he is supposed to the leader of the three little minions. However, he hasn't been over to check them out of late. I did tell him he had three minions and his response?

We are still unsure if the Proboscis is an exceedingly rotund mouse with a long nose, or an exceedingly small pudgy elephant.

Yes, Yes! This pleases the Proboscis!

Doesn't he look excited? I have absolutely no idea what he's planning, but we'll see.

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