Tuesday, February 18, 2014

For No Good Reason.... Dinner!!!

For the last six weeks, I have been a complete and total bum. I haven't gone anywhere and haven't done anything of particular interest. The places I usually went before I went home for a visit, just haven't been calling me like they were before hand... 

Sounds like I'm depressed a little bit... But no, in reality, I just don't want to go to those places because it now requires a hike to get to them, instead of a quick bus trip. The regular main station closed down and they now let you out on the other side of the train tracks as it were.

The result?

I don't want to hike and extra 15 minutes to get to the stores I like unless I absolutely have to go. 
Yep. I'm just that lazy.

... okay so some of this has to do with a pinched nerve in my back...

Tomorrow however, I do need to make a trip down there because I need to get a few things, and that's where the stores are that sell those things. Don't get me wrong, I have been going to the grocery store, and am eating actual food, rather than living on a bag of carrots, which is doable, if you don't mind being orange... 

... and then there are those awkward questions,"Was one of your parents a muppet??"

So, here's a sample of dinner...  and no, I don't prepare the same thing every night, but this is an example.

When I go to the store to get tomatoes... there is this option. Many colored tomatoes, and many shapes and sizes, and they taste a hell of a lot better than what you are presented with at the stores in the U.S. 

In the background, I have also hauled out my sauce of choice; it's gluten free (which allows me to eat it without having to worry about intestinal distress in the middle of the night... or no intestinal distress at all... for weeks.. which in and of itself actually worries me more) and made in Italy, and I really wish they'd bring back the small jars, because I can't get through an entire jar of it in under five days. 


Anyway, I just slice of a few tomatoes of varied shape, size and color and then toss them into a small pot with some mushrooms and olive oil and some Italian herbs (which the brand name people, in their infinite wisdom, have renamed bolonaise herbs, just to give me a headache and aid acid reflux activity.) which I then saute, simmer... something like that.

I let them sit for a little bit, and then move them around some more. Repeat that a couple of times until the mushrooms look a little smaller (uh, those are better mushrooms than back home too.) and kinda squishy. The tomatoes end up slightly wrinkled, but it works.

Then I start some spaghetti going at the back. That's what that pot is in the background. I use gluten free noodles too, and they cook faster than regular wheat noodles, but taste just as good. My only complaint is that they get rice stiff in the fridge if you don't eat all of it when it's hot. 

Cold gluten free noodles kinda suck... 

Over the mushrooms and tomatoes I dump about a third of the jar of sauce... or rather, I spoon it out, add in some fresh parsley and then let it all heat up together with no lid. Mainly because I don't have any lids. If I absolutely need a lid, then I use a plate, which gets complicated when the food is done and you have to wash the plate in order to use it. I've only got one large plate and one small plate. It keeps things interesting.

So, this is what it eventually all looks like at the end. There's the spaghetti in one bowl, a green salad with a few little tomatoes on top with balsamic and roasted garlic dressing, and three small squares of garlic and herb ... pizza thingies. I got pizza the other night and ordered a starter. Those are the remains. The cup is full of cranberry, raspberry and something else smoothie. No, I didn't make the smoothie. Bought a bottle at the store, and it's good stuff. 

This concludes my random dinner post.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.

... now i'm hungry...



Vicki Lane said...

Looks good!

callie brady said...

You really need to do more cooking when you are home. Looking at your meals is like looking at great restaurant meals. Yum!