Saturday, September 15, 2007

Adding more to the mix...

My Dad ran across a Stephen King quote from a home published magazine and he cracked up. For those who know my father, this is exceedingly rare. So of course I wanted to see what had tickled his funny bone. I read it and started laughing as well. Yes, it creates a disturbing image, but it really got me. Now I do NOT have a small boys heart in a jar on my desk. However I do have a mermaid in a small jar on my desk. She's cute, and looking up wistfully at the tan cloth keeping her inside. I get two reactions to this. "Awwwwwwww, isn't she cute?" or "That's sort of sick keeping her in there like that." I don't really think the second is a valid complaint because she's a small statue.

On other fronts, such as school, I'm going to admit to some frustration with the second class I'm taking. An assignment was given in which I am to role play with another student using the Blackboard chatroom. However I'm not having much luck luring people in. I know some of the other students were having trouble getting the java client to work which opens the chat window. I hope not everyone is having that problem. Anyway, I am planning on staying in the Virtual Classroom/Chatroom for several hours today and tomorrow in case anyone logs in to check things out. I'm used to chatrooms, and I've been on text games that use telnet programs so this isn't a tough field for me. Hope someone logs in, and I can help! And I hope they're not staying away because they're uncomfortable or unused to the format. :/

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callie said...

Thank you for showing us that blogging is not that scary, and that a novice can create a great blog. You inspired me. So now, I plan to make a blog too. When I get it set up, I'll give you my address. Hope your fellow students learned how to use the chatroom and finally showed up!