Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sitting in a Small Virtural Room...

Today was my day off. Therefore, I spent practically the entire day sitting online in a chatroom in hopes of running a fellow student to ground so I could complete an assignment. This was more difficult than it sounds due to the fact that just about everyone is on a different schedule, has their own responsibilities, hence us all taking an online class! :) We've all been playing passing ships in the night for about 3 days now and this afternoon I finally won the title of Ultimate Virtual Classroom Stalker! Homework assignment completed with minimal pain and agony. Thank you oh cosmic practical joker! ;) I was getting tired of sitting here for ... wow.. I got on there around Noon and I got off there at 8pm. While sitting there I noticed that you do get signed out if you don't do anything for long enough, so its entirely possible I missed someone. Had to keep it active by typing things in.

Now to the relaxing part. Before I got online, I took care of my dog, my cat and then went out to the chicken coop and let everybody out for the day. Its nice to sit down and just watch them for a while. I raised 16 chicks over the summer, and they're big now. Still cute, but much more dinosaur-ish wearing feathered coats. They still follow me around if I go outside, so for brief (growing briefer) moments I'm standing in a small sea of chickens. All different colors. I'll have to post a picture of them at some point. Some have names, and some don't. They're all goofy. Silly birds. ;)

PS. I moved the Favorite Books to the side so its easier to get to. :)

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