Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Rename Myself Listerine.....

Since I was half asleep last night when I posted, there were a couple of things I left out. Given several instances that proved my ability to sleep and appear functional at work, I had to begin paying attention to small details. I was doing pretty well until I tried to reply to an email from my boss, and attempted to sign it "Thanks, Listerine." This goes to show that anyone can forget how to spell their own name, some more spectacularly than others. Since it was already at the bottom of my email and my boss can always use a good laugh, and at the risk of it being forwarded to the almighty library Director accidentally or intentionally, I sent it anyway. So far, its been a running gag. ;) My guess is this will rate right up there with a discussion I had with a co-worker about an angst ridden Skink (Type of lizard.) which we captured after the foolish creature ran unheeding into my library. For a good hour and a half it sat at the bottom of a delivery tub glaring at me and swishing his tail. You could almost see the cogs of irritation whirling in its head as it attempted to cause fear and discontent with its gaze alone. Hope it wasn't too disappointed in my lack of trembling.

Some time ago, I said I'd load a picture of my chickens. This is them at about a day old, some were probably two days, but I have now real way of knowing. They're all big now, and living in the chicken coop with the older hens. Hmm, the picture appears to be somewhat blurry, but it doesn't seem to bad when its this small. I don't have a Photo Shop program to play with the size on these, so its nice that the blogger site automatically resizes it. At least I hope it resized. The little grey chicks and the ones that are bright yellow are called Brahmas. The black and yellow chicks are called Australorps and will be solid black with a green sheen in the sunlight when they are adults. There is one orange colored one here and that is a Buff Orpington chick. They stay a golden orange color all their lives. And then you may be able to see the dark colored chicks to the upper right of the feeder with what look like racing stripes. Those are Golden Lace Wyandottes. I'll have to upload some pictures of them as adults at some point.. Maybe this weekend when I've got some time to fiddle with the camera and its overload of pictures I haven't gotten a chance to download.

As for my class, I am having a good time with the assignments (this blog was one of them) and am as I figured going a little overboard. ;) I try and get everything done too fast, and end up running myself into the ground, which is why I declared a day of rest the other day. While I was in Australia last fall it was easier for me to get myself to take a little time off and just enjoy what was around me. So now that I'm back (its been a year now, and its hard to believe) I sometimes find myself wishing I was back there taking my archeology classes, and just exploring Sydney.
One of my favorite places to go and just relax and eat lunch was in the Chinese Garden of Friendship. The photo on the left is of the Jade Waterfall. There are places to sit up beside it and listen to the water, or you can go down to the area where I took this photo, and watch from there. It was overcast the day I took this, but it was warm, and I still like pulling up this picture and staring at it for a while. I figure sometime in the far future when I can actually save up enough money, I'll see if I can go back. With my luck by that time it'll be too dangerous to leave the country. ;) Okay, so that was a negative thought on my part. If I do go again, I probably won't be able to stay a long as I did that first time. Three months is a long time especially for your first time out of the country! But I do admit to missing it, just for its ease of transportation, the friendly people (okay friendly as long as they weren't business men.) and wonderful variety of food. You name it, you can find it. Except for Mexican food. In that area there was a distinct lack. Here's hoping I get to go back someday! The real reason? ... I miss my favorite restaurant. Wagamamas. ;)

Alrighty, I think I've babbled enough for one evening. I am going to head to sleeping spot and crash since I am supposed to be up bright and bushy tailed at 5:30a.m. Night to all! :)

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