Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ghost in the Machine....

So, it was late Saturday (late for me) and I was leaning back in my Captain Kirk chair (So named due to the fact that you feel like you're in Kirk's command chair when you sit in it) when my DTV box suddenly cuts out. As soon as I'm halfway out of the command chair, it blinks back on, and reboots itself, its little green light glowing innocently at me like a cyclopian child caught with its hand in the cookie jar. We proceeded to glare at each other suspiciously for several minutes, then I retreated to the minimal comfort of my chair. Thus far it appears to be behaving, but this is not the first time the traitorous box has pulled this, always when I least expect it, and generally when I'm trying to record something. I am sure that one day there will be a reckoning and it won't be pretty, due to the fact that I'm bigger, and stronger, and know the mysteries of wiring. Oh, just you wait little box of innocent charm. Just you wait.

No doubt some of you are chalking this up to anthropomorphism, the applying of human emotions to an animal. But this is not so, because this is a little box of hexed wires and boards, and not an animal. I'm not sure what the proper term would be for this particular circumstance, so we'll just go with "The Cursed Black Box" which works for now. One of these is bad enough, but it has a twin downstairs that remains unnamed. The box in the living room is almost worse, because when you turn it on, it reboots every single time and loses channels, which requires unhooking its nourishing (ugh i hate that word) wires and electricity every time. It retaliates by losing yet more channels. Dad says its because its little computer is the equivalent of a 286, and its being jammed with more information than it can handle. This is possibly true, however the CBB doesn't have the problem... it just shuts itself off at random intervals. Generally going months before giving in to its sense of humor. Come to think of it, this hasn't happened for over a year. I shall let sleeping jinxed DTV boxes lie.

In other arenas, the classes going okay, but I am still frustrated with my Circulation class. I managed to get the Role Playing assignment done, but the newest assignment that was posted was 8 pages long and sort of confusing. Eh, I'll figure it out, or hey I can ask. The class I made this Blog for is a lot of fun. I'm still playing with the Blog, trying things out to see if they work and taking out that which ... doesn't. I added a few more books to my favorite books list, and I was attempting go find a header I like. Also working on a music list to add. And yes, there will be some pictures at some point. Not of me. Sorry, I'm not all that excited about putting a picture of me on the net. ;) Apologies.

Duck Dodgers is on, so that means its getting close to 11pm. Thus I must away to my humble lump of bedding. Not to mention the joy of watching my the inside of my eyelids for the next several hours. Nothing like studying tiny blood vessels. The can't possibly be good for the psyche. Yes, I am aware that eyes roll up when closed, so technically you're looking at your frontal lobe. So picky. Good night. ;)


Cynthia McCarthy said...

Hi, Kristine/Listerine! Great photos. One of my boys took my camera, so I had to download someone else's. Hope I didn't break any copyright laws. I'm glad to read your comments about your/our classes, because I had the same feeling! - Cynthia

Adamma said...

Good for people to know.