Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What the heck day is it....

Stop looking at me like that. So I forgot what day it was. After my chat-a-thon on Saturday and Sunday I took Monday off, doing nothing, but watching Superman The Animated Series, resting and basically touching bases with my primitive self, Lady Couch Potato! Yes, I was once a couch spud, but now I have moved on to Computer Jockey. Believe me when I say its hard on my sense of time. I got up this morning thinking it was Monday, yet my little inner self slapped the confused self into some sense and I got to work on time. Even managed to get to my haircut appointment somewhat on time.

In between the haircut appointment and going to work I went and wandered around at the little garden area in Target. Its nice in there and unlike the oppressive nature inside the ladies who take care of the plants are delights to be around and talk with. ;) Yet I didn't escape unscathed. When I left I ended up having gone inside and emerged a couple of dollars lighter, and the proud owner of a the animated version of Superman Doomsday. I read this comic a long time ago, and since Paul Dini and Bruce Timm has their mitts all over the conversion from comic to cartoon I'm fairly positive it was worth picking up. Perhaps I shall be proved wrong when I actually get a chance to watch it. Given their outstanding work and development of Batman the Animated Series, Superman the Animated Series and the downright fantastic Justice League Unlimited series that ran on Cartoon Network.. well, it'd be hard to go wrong. ..... You're all wondering if I've lost my mind. I know. Its okay. I don't mind at all. :)

Now that I've revealed my deep dark secret of still loving cartoons, comics, anime and manga... Hmm, revealed more there than I thought... perhaps I should give an update on my classes. I can hear the snoring, so I'll make this quick. Everything is going okay, except for some frustration with my Circulation class. Just a couple of quirks with it that I am dealing with. The internship at Auburn is going well as far as I know. I.E. No one has yelled at me for doing something massively wrong, so I'm assuming I'm doing okay. We shall see I guess. :) All that anxiety I had earlier on in the semester seems to be leveling out and I'm not feeling so overwhelmed now. Probably had a lot to do with changing my schedule, not getting enough sleep and fighting with the Financial Aid Dept at the school. Paperwork would get filled out and turned in... and then they'd send me one more worksheet that needed to be done and filled in. I'd turn it in, and ask if there were any more I'd missed and they'd say,"Nope! You're all set!" And then the next day another envelope with the same worksheets I'd just filled out would show up. ARGH!!!! Glad to say that's all be fixed now. YAY!!!

And with that, I bid you all a good night as it is well past my bedtime and I need to be unconscious for a few hours before I have to get up. Night! :)

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