Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How Things are Going...

This is one of the posts in which the teacher asks us to answer a question. In this episode I will endeavor to answer this question. "With having completed over half of this course so far, have your expectations for the course been met up to this point?" The answer would be a definite yes, in every aspect I could've hoped for. Everything from the Discussion Board to the reading and homework is an eye opener in some way. Or has helped me look at information in different ways. Generally speaking I don't go into a class with expectations, because I never know how things will go. Expectations tend to make people set walls at which they decide to stop. For me its much better to stand in a field that goes on forever in possibilities, than to stand in a self imposed box with set limits to what I want to learn. So far I've learned way more than what was listed in the course description, so indeed I think all the basic expectations have been met and more.

Today was catch up day at my little branch, which means I did a lot. Boxes of books were moved out, certain items were moved around to make more room. Since I don't have a lot of room to begin with I try and use absolutely everything I can get my hands on to make a little more space for books, BCDs and other items. So, when I left, the branch looked great, my car was full of books, and my feet and back were killing me. My feet are still a little problematic. Why work myself into the ground? Well, there's a library advisory board meeting next week, and I'm trying to make the branch look fairly good, so if they decide to look at it, it won't look... awful. It still needs some work, but I think I can handle it. I don't have any employees, so I end up doing a lot of stuff myself. Hopefully I will get to all the trouble spots before the meeting. Here's crossing my fingers. ;)

For the rest of the evening, I guess I'll putter off to the TV set, where I will probably fall asleep. Perhaps not. Its cold in here, and I generally have to be warm to become totally unconscious. But for now, I need something hot, and somewhere warm, because I think I'm getting sick. I'm hoping I'm wrong. Getting a sinus infection now would be very bad. So, I'm going to wander off for the night. Shall talk later. ;) Night.

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Cynthia McCarthy said...

Hi, Kristine- I love your blog! this is the one class where my expectations were exceeded, although I had no idea what tio expect. I'd never taken an online class before, and this is the best one to take for a first time out. I've learned about what makes up an online class and why. (Maybe I shoudl have written all this on my own blgo, where I complain about computer problems. Now I'm at the Kinko's in Auburn. I should buy stock in Kninko's!).