Monday, November 5, 2007

And the Lights Went Out In.....

Friday morning at 8:15, I had just finished up several adds to the system in the cataloging department. The books had been handed over to a volunteer for covering, and I was headed back to the desk to see what other trouble I could get into, when "bink". The lights went out. Everyone paused and then sighed. Our IT guy husseled around the library checking to see that back up system were on battery and functional, while other systems would be out of commission until the power was back up. Staff wandered around in the dark with flashlights attempting to shelve, while managers attempted paperwork. In the tech department, my supervisors and I went about doing the tedious stuff you do to items being added to the system. None of that involves a computer, but it does require light, so we were all crammed over by the windows putting barcodes on books, CDs and DVDs. Also did some receiving while we waited. Listened to a big of music on the radio and was told by the Director that we'd be staying closed until the power came back on since you can't see a thing in the stacks with the power out. We would've had to issue everyone flashlights, or have a flashlight armed page walk around with every patron to help them see. For almost three hours we worked in the dark like ants. Except most of us are paid ants. I'm not because its an internship, but what the heck, it was fun.

The entire weekend was taken up with watching movies that I haven't had a chance to watch. Some were alright and others I felt I'd managed to waste time on. But at least it was a relaxing experience for the most part. Tonight, I will probably be watching Chuck. Has anyone watched Chuck? It cracks me up. Mostly because the main character is someone I can identify with. At the heart of it, it appears that I am a geek. Geek as in I'm into everything intellectual to some degree, as opposed to the more disturbing original meaning, which was the person at the carnival that bit the heads off live chickens. Perhaps a more apt title would be nerd for me. Who knows. All I know is that I get all the references to Dune and Star Wars and other such Science Fiction that gets mentioned no matter how obscure. I suppose I shouldn't be admitting to that, but its true. I also like Moonlight even if it is doomed, and probably won't last until next season. The acting is good, but the writing isn't up to par. That usually doesn't happen, but this is one of those cases. National Treasure was a good example of exponential acting talent, not fully utilized by the director, which was a shame, because the movie could've been excellent instead of mediocre. Okay, off to watch stuff on TV, in which I will quickly lose interest, and end up reading a book, periodically surfacing to look at the tube when I hear something interesting. Until I type again. Night. :)

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