Thursday, November 1, 2007

Here We Go a Charging..

Welcome to the very first day of the holiday seasons, in which we all say wow, it'll be nice to see family, and have that old warm feeling while its cold outside. What this really means is the light gets shorter, people start freaking out about Christmas shopping, stressing about seeing family members, planning trips that cost an arm and a leg and my favorite of all, catching whatever bug is out there and sharing it with everyone else. Tis the sharing season after all. Personally I'm looking forward to the warm house, the Christmas tree, spending time with friends and hopefully catching up on some much needed rest. Translation, I need will be loving the downtime so I can rest my left eye which is ... having some sort of meltdown. Lately its favorite pass time has been to stream tears for no good reason other than it can. My eyeball and I will be having some deep heavy conversations about behaving itself. Its already getting drops to help it out.

Only seven weeks left in the semester. Hows that for a shocker? I hadn't been keeping track, but my internship instructor mentioned it when she did the mid semester check up. I think I'm taking a semester off this spring for two reasons. The first is that I need some recoup time. The second is that the next couple of classes I need for a Liberal Arts degree are the ones I will be hating every minute of. Past attempts at these classes ended in total confusion or complete panic. Neither experience is something I'm going to enjoy reliving. Oh goody.

I'm going to go watch the idiot box for a while, have a little bit of ice cream and crawl into bed at a reasonable hour. That way I can be up bright and early when one of the two roosters starts crowing. Both were sneaky chicks that I got way back in June. One is Brutus, and the other is a tailless black Australorpe. Haven't figured out which one is crowing, but whichever one it is sounds like its got a cold. So, off to the tube I go... and later? The bed. Night. :)

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