Thursday, June 19, 2008

Drawing a Blank...

Have you ever been assigned to write a paper and sit for hours trying to figure out where to begin? For me diaries and journals are like that. This blog is something like a journal, or diary to me... something which I shunned pretty much all my life. Which means I am just not used to sitting down every day and trying to figure out what to say. Sharing my inner thoughts with even a book just isn't in my nature. So, when people ask me if I have a blog and I say yes, I sort of cringe, because I just don't update it often.

Which is why I'm writing an entry even though I am drawing a total blank. I supposed I could mumble about my incredibly mediocre day. Or how I suspect that I'm getting senile before my time. There's always the possibility of a rant about a subject I really don't care about, such as my hair going grey. But that just sounds like whining. I hate whining.

So, I guess I will say that my dog is doing well, the chickens are all still alive and kicking, and the 27+ year old cat is still attempting suicide by walking directly into your path. On the other hand she might not be able to see us. She's already deaf, and rather out to lunch in the mental faculty department. Its not all that far of a reach. The only reason she knows something is close to her is by the vibrations. People ask me why I haven't put her down, and the simple answer is that she still enjoys a good sun bath, still catches and eats birds, still swats you a good one if you ignore her for too long. I consider that good quality of life. Sure she looks like crap, but she's still doing pretty good.

Here I sit watching Johnny Quest, and before that I watched Thundar the Barbarian.. and before that I was watching Smallville episodes on DVD. You could say I've got peculiar tastes, and that's fine, because most of the world is going to agree with you. I know more about super heroes and cartoons than just about everyone I know... Some of us never grow out of it I guess. Its just annoying that no one I know shares the interest. Okay, let me revise that, no one I want to spend any time around shares the interest. For the most part that whole stereo-type of comic nut is unfortunately true. *sighs*

I think I've rambled about absolutely nothing long enough and should crawl into bed. Not exactly a big day tomorrow, but I'm falling asleep. Maybe tomorrow I will have something less mind numbing to talk about. Night all.

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callie said...

Hi Kristine,
Just thought I would leave a kind work and a smile
... and
I want to know how this comment identity thing works.
Love, Mom