Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The statistics class was less forgiving that I had anticipated. Basically it sucked out part of my brain. Those portions of grey matter that I had accused of jumping ship, were actually lost in battle with this form of insidious math. Their little corpses are a continual issue as my normal thought processes attempt to fill in for those that are gone, and tripping over the casualties in due course. Eventually I trust I will have my functional brain back... I cross my fingers every night and hope I wake up normal. All in all it went better than I hoped. In other words I did not sink beneath the waves of numerical gibberish in a flaming wreck, but limped home with a solid 'C'. Currently I'm in dry dock while repairs are made. It was nice having a 4.0 for a while, but now that that's blown all to ribbons, I don't have to worry about it. Wooo Hooo!

What else have I been doing since March 1st? Well, basically work. Isn't that exciting? I did manage to cobble together a list of Anime for Assistant Director, because it is she who orders our DVDs. At some point I also wrote up a list of Sci-Fi movies and TV shows that would be a boon to the library system. That also went over fairly well, but I haven't seen any of the ones I suggested come through. Yet. I trust they will trickle in eventually. And.... wow, my life has been exceedingly uneventful. Which is a good thing. Eventful has almost always come with the unpleasant moniker of "MY GOD, THAT SUCKED!" and then continues on that particular path of listing madness until my mental inner ear adjusts for the distortion. Given my track record with this phenomenon, I no longer panic, just roll with it and get back up after its over, and keep walking.

A case in point. My second day back from a two week vacation (yes, I '*me*' took a vacation. Before you ask, no, I am not sick. I just wanted to visit a very good friend I hadn't seen in a while) started uneventfully (always a good sign), until I arrived at work... which was difficult in and of itself. Why? Well, there was this thick cloud of smoke obscuring a good portion of the town. Think pea soup... Burned pea soup. Visibility was not an option, so I guessed where to park for the most part. Fifteen seconds later I found I'd guessed correctly as the wind shifted, and the smoke went elsewhere. That was the good news. The bad news was that the wind was gusting up to 60mph in any given direction at any given time. While calling in to the main office to let them know that the 12 libraries they started out with that morning might have dwindled to 11 by closing time, I noted that I could see flames leaping merrily from behind nearby houses. My bosses were much more concerned than I was with this set of circumstances. They wanted to know if we'd been contacted by fire personal yet, which we hadn't. I had the impression that they thought I wanted to go home... In reality I was just calling them to make them aware of the situation, and was fully intending to open the branch. Which I did. We had a really busy day too... They called back later to see how things were going. They were fine. Fire was out... etc. This really didn't phase me all that much. Been through worse things I guess.

How are the animals? Pretty good. Those chicks I got in March? They're all grown up for the most part. As I suspected, "Super Peeper" is a rooster. For a while there I was convinced that they were ALL roosters... Ah, did I mention I ended up going back the next day and got three more chicks? Two I paid for, and they thru in a runt free.. mainly before they didn't think it'd live. IT LIVES! Granted she's not very big, but I still have hope she'll catch up. All in all, I ended up with two roosters and 5 hens. 3 Dark Brahmas, 3 Buff Brahmas and 1 Buff Cochin... and like all the Cochins I've met before, she's something of a wild hare. Pick her up, and she makes sounds like you're killing her, then lays there in your hands like she is in fact dead. Little Drama Queen.. eeesh. I suspect her of going for a chicken emmy.

My clock is telling me the time went by way faster than I thought it would, and I need to get some sleep. Midnight approaches, and I was falling asleep in my chair at around 9pm. Not a good sign, so I bid you all a good night. I'm also crossing my fingers that I actually get back to this blog before another 4 months whiz by on rocket powered rollar skates. Night.

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