Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Post - poned

You know you're in trouble when the Thank You card from your grandmother (which admittedly is addressed to everyone in the household) thanks everyone for gifts, and then asks if you've come out of your room yet. This has to do with the computer. You see, while I don't spend every waking moment surfing the net, I do tend to spend a lot of time watching Anime online. If I truly wanted to not watch Anime, then I suppose I could drag myself away, but I do so love it. Sometimes I do stop and wonder if its an addiction... I've come to the conclusion that it probably is. But, as far as I know, its not hurting me to watch it during almost every waking moment. That's an overstatement, so don't worry.

What does trouble me is similar to the crap I catch for reading comics. There's this incredible stigma against pictures with words encased in squares. God forbid you should be caught reading one in public. Especially if you're over the age of 20. For reasons unknown, and beyond my ability to fully understand, reading comics is seen as a sign that your intelligence level falls far below the norm. While I am no genius, I would not be someone who could be considered sub-par on the intello-meter. Unfortunately that creeping feeling of wrong doing basically sours my enjoyment of comics, manga and Anime. Which is why I tend to hide in my room for extended periods of time. My laptop works just fine in there, and I hide my ill-gotten comics in there too. 

I would like to know -why- I feel like I'm doing something wrong, because I'm not. Does it make people feel uncomfortable to watch me read a Manga? Does it make you squirm inside watching me watch Anime online or on TV? What is it that makes you think I'm being juvenile just because I still absolutely love cartoons? Superheroes? WHY? Seriously I am confused, and quite honestly the air of disapproval that seeps into the atmosphere is most unappreciated. Okay, now everyone can tell me its all in my head and stop being ridiculous. 

Lastly and on a totally different topic, I would've had mini rant here up on my blog yesterday, but our Internet service tanked. Usually they're on the ball, but I guess this was a large outage, and since they rarely have outages, I have no real issues with them. Having worked for an Internet service provider in the past on the help desk, I've got a lot of sympathy for them over the last couple of days. People are NOT nice when they're Internet goes out. They call you every name in and out of the books, and god forbid you end up with a lawyer on the phone. They will twist everything you say, no matter what it is you said in the first place. That was fun. Okay, so it really wasn't. 

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Callie said...

What, what, what?
Who is giving you grief?
Not me... remember, I'm the mom who told you about the survey that proved that the most intelligent and the best performers academic wise were comic book readers.
The people who are intelligent read sci fi, comics, live outside the box. It's the box people who don't understand. Poor them.
Live and enjoy!
You are not a box person. Hooray!

Your loving Mom

Ok, ok, I know you are running away.....