Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Banshees Really DO Exist!!

They do! They really do! We've all seen them too, because every human has at one point in their lives been one. We know them as 2 year-olds. My nephew for instance is currently in his banshee stage, with a shriek that can, and quite possibly has, peeled the paint off walls. Sorry to say I have no actual proof of this, but believe me. Its the only thing that can possibly explain his ability to push the decibel reading off the scale. Thankfully he comes with a pacifier. If you plunk him in front of the TV and run Kiki's Delivery Service, he's extremely quiet. Until its over, and then... You'd better be quick on the play button. My dog's brick splitting bark sounds so tame now. That's probably a blessing of sorts. I no longer jump out of my skin when she barks right behind my back. She sneaks up behind me and does that, and I'm fairly sure she laughs about it too. Thank god she can't take pictures.

The shrieking aside, my sister's kids are all good. I keep telling myself that the littlest one is just a baby, and I'm being dumb when I climb walls to escape the noise. So far I've not been terribly effective at convincing myself of that. Ah well.

On Monday I had my second physical therapy appointment. It seemed to go well. The PT wants to keep things very simple because that's what seems to be working for me. I have a suspicion that this thing in my neck may never completely leave and I will be doing these little exercises for a long time to come. At the moment though, they are allowing me to function at about 90% of normal. Unless I forget to do them, and then I'm back to a dying fish for a hand. Always fun for parties and attempting to eat spaghetti. OR I've got an odd wimpy feeling to the arm, and slight numbness down the inside of the arm to the wrist. Either or both can happen, and I'm not always in a position to fix it with the exercises. Its a learning process for now, but at least it's working.

After the appointment, I drove home in the little rental. Nice enough little car. In fact it was nice enough to drive right back down the hill later to see a movie. I decided on Prince of Persia, which wasn't a bad film exactly, but it rang hollow. I really didn't give a crap about any of the characters. The action scenes were fine, the dialogue wasn't bad, and FX were top notch. However this whole thing basically falls into the same category as National Treasure. A movie that has everything I love in a film, but totally fails to pull me into it. Everything fell rather flat, like walking into a very clean glass door. You'd like to be inside the party with everyone else, but something is preventing you from getting to it. I'm not saying this was bad film, because for many people I'm sure it was great, but for me... eh. I should've gone to see Killers.

And! I've got my car back! It looks brand new. The place that did the repairs gave me a detail job on the car too. The only thing that was a little screwy is that there was sap all over the car, so they couldn't give it a wax job. Therefore I get to get it further detailed in the near future, and I get to figure out how its getting sap all over it, given it lives in a carport. Odd. Anyway, I've got my car back!! Soooo happy!!!


Callie said...

All I can say is I'm very thankful for Kiki!
Glad you got your car back.
Hope you start feeling better very soon.

Little Messy Missy said...

Hope you get better soon!!!! (I wear earplugs it really helps with all the background noise and you can still hear enough to know the kids, stove, tv etc are okay!)