Monday, July 15, 2013

After Several Weeks of Rest....

... i'm still exhausted. 

I suspect it's because during the semester I run on adrenaline and very little else. Nerves are incredible things are they not? I'm not sure how things are for other people, but when I've got a job, a project, school work, assignments.. etc, I'm generally a wreck worrying if I got things right, or if I spent enough time on something. Did I put enough information into this paper, or that project... 

Basically, I'm a ball of anxiety 24/7. And no, being on winter break doesn't do anything to alleviate the condition.

Have I ever not felt that way? 


Yes. For a full 5 minutes 6 years ago on Frasier Island off the coast of Queensland. They have different coloured fresh water lakes there, and at one of them that I visited, for whatever reason, all my cares and worries were gone for 5 minutes. It was a typical small blue lake, with long green reeds growing to one side that were bent nearly horizontal by the breeze. No one was there, and it felt lonely. According to the people I was with I sat down almost as soon as I was on the beech, but I don't remember doing it. I just wanted to stay there. The peace ended rather abruptly after 5 minutes when two of my traveling companions got into an argument over something I considered petty. I'd put up a picture of the place, but I don't have those photos with me. 

Last week I felt at peace for about 10 seconds when I took a string of photos of a sunset over the student housing where I live.

Sunset in July, WA, Australia
And I'm always fairly relaxed when I'm taking pictures of birds for fun. The photo class I took wasn't all that fun, because I wasn't able to take pictures of things that I like. Instead I took photos to make the teacher happy, which paid off in a way I guess. Stressed me out because I was having to read minds, but that's done now, and I passed with good marks. Yay!!

Gallah in Western Australia, ... camping out on a flood light.
Thankfully there are no shortage of different birds to get pictures of, whether they be bright pink and out during the daytime or generally seen during the night hunting insects and small mammals. My little owl friend is my favorite though and is always willing to hold still for me to take pictures. The owl always makes me smile.

The Campus Boobook Owl. Ridiculously cute.
Of course there is also the Moon. I take way too many pictures of the Moon here, but I can't really help it. It's just so close, and the colour variations tend to be spectacular. So a lot of my photo library is filled with night pictures of it. I guess this sort of compliments the owl. And the rest is filled with birds... and if I've been to an Aquarium, fish. I went to the Aquarium at Hillary's the other day and forgot to take my camera with me. I'll have to go back if I have time. It's a neat aquarium, and there's a little shopping place to go to afterwards. :)

An Orange Moon. Very frequent colour here.
And the things that really keep my from becoming a complete mess are the British Mysteries I like to watch, and of course Anime. Calms me right down most of the time when I've been freaking out over something for too long. I'm happy to say that I've just been watching those for fun of late, instead of as a pacifier. Got my results late last night, and I passed everything, which is all I wanted really. :) So, I'm good for right now. I'll have to see if I can post again before I go back to classes on the 29th. I didn't just spend all my time sleeping and staring at TV shows during the winter break. There were actual outings to museums and .. well, already told you about Hillary's. No pictures, so... 

Anyway, I'm good for now. Passed my classes and I'm happy about that.

Must remember to post about museum adventures.
... and possibly anime...


Kathleen said...

Yay! You passed your classes! So proud of you, because I know how hard a lot of it is for you. Love you, bunches!

callie brady said...

Love the photos! I'll have to see if I can't find a photo of the lake to send you. Today I think you are back in class ...first day of the semester.