Friday, January 31, 2014

Warm Pictures for the Frozen

Because most of the U.S. is freezing it's keester off, and other parts of the world seem to be attempting to drown with torrential rains and winds and just general unpleasant weather, I figured I'd just put up a few pics from where I am. 

Hopefully they will inspire some warmth??

.... and no, I wasn't intending to tease. 

Sunshine through the trees

A Rainbow Lorikeet... shot from below... word of warning. Do not stand beneath lorikeets. They are deadly accurate with their .. leavings.

Wish I could tell you exactly what kind of tree this is, but I'm still attempting to figure it out. But it is lovely when it's blooming, and the breeze is blowing the petals off the tree like snowflakes. 

Sorry, no idea what this is either, but it sure was pretty in the afternoon light. I was attempting to get it all light up inside by the sun, but it didn't quite work. 

Anyway. I can tell you that it is HOT here... okay, comfortable for me, but for most people I know, it would be TOO hot. Still, I thought I'd share. 


Knatolee said...

I am enjoying this from my snow-drenched habitat. Beautiful bird!

Kathleen said...

Your pictures are great, Kristine. You and Rosie should talk photography sometime. She's really getting good. :)