Monday, January 30, 2017

I Guess I Should Post something or another...

Okay, so it's been a really long time... again. I just have not been feeling like blogging for several reasons. Mostly it's been because I've been recovering from University, which was much more intense than I was expecting. The phrase Burnt Out leaps to mind, because it's true. I had a difficult time becoming interested in anything and I still am that way a bit. However I am now thinking about going for a Master's degree and seeing about moving forward job wise.

Overall things have been good. Not a lot to talk about. A good friend got me hooked on Pokemon games on Nintendo 3DS, which is tons of fun for me. I play that now and then... but for the most part I've just been spending time with my parents. Hanging out, watching tv with Dad, driving my Mom nuts and helping out when and where I am needed. I should probably be doing a lot more, but feel sort of odd about stepping in for things they can do themselves. Feels like I'd be stealing something from them. So I back off, unload the dishwasher, do grocery runs, drive Mom and myself off to holiday for a few days at a B&B.. etc.

I think my apathy also stems in part from having to let my dog go at the end of August. I still have trouble talking about it, thinking about it, because it was pretty awful. She was old, I know, but still the memory of the whole thing still sits on me like a heavy shadow of guilt. In short, she had a gum infection that needed looking to, so I took her in for a dental. This is something she's had done tons of times before, but this time something went wrong while she was under. A week later, I had them let her go. The vets were beside themselves as this almost never happens, and they all called to talk to me, either to apologize or to console me. Which was appreciated, and after they all worked so hard to save her, I can't blame them. Never blamed them to begin with. I shouldn't feel guilty about trying to do something that I thought would help, but I do. Probably always will to some degree. 

On the bright side, in December I got myself a puppy. Well... I got a puppy and Mom got a puppy. One puppy is awesome. Two puppies is ... insane.. LOL. We probably shouldn't have gotten them at the same time, but we did. I don't regret it, but I wish I could sleep a full night again. LOL!!

So here is my girl Liberty, Libby for short. She's very very smart, and I need to get my act together and start training her, otherwise she's going to run all over me. 

At some point I will also being checking out Universities for getting that afore mentioned Masters degree, which will probably be in Library Sciences and I want to really look at archiving because I just can't deal with the public anymore. Not on a large scale anyway. 

We'll see how it all goes I guess.

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