Saturday, October 20, 2007

Enjoy the Silence....

Its Saturday night, and what am I doing? The art of the hermit has once again impressed itself upon me, as I can only take so much of the public before my brain starts frying. On certain days when the wind is just right, you may be able to smell it. I've been told the aroma is akin to bacon and eggs. Whatever the smell, I tend to hold up in my room for a while where its warm, and comfortable and the only thing playing on my DVD player is Smallville Season 6. Some would consider this absolute trash, but I like it. Its a nice program to watch when becoming one with the inner potato. Couch potato that is.

Surprise, surprise, the show has remained fairly stable and engaging. Not to mention the Easter egg cameos of other heroes in their infancy. It reads like the Justice League of America roster. Tonight, I reacquaint myself with Oliver Queen. Ollie follows the stereo-type much loved by the likes of Bruce Wayne; rich playboy by day, crime fighting dynamo by night. Except Ollie was/is a ladies man to a T. Absolutely loves the ladies. Alter ego? Green Arrow. No cape and cowl though. First incarnation was basically Robin Hood Errol Flynn style. The next; he wore a hood. In this one... he's a little off-track. Okay, so he's young, and has an enormous chip on his shoulder, but good grief. Ollie was fun loving, and always cared about the little guy. In this, he's being a tad self absorbed. Ah well. At least they got Cyborg, Flash, and Aquaman right. For the most part. I'm going to leave off my diatribe now, concerning the wonderful world of super heroes. Mainly because I'm probably boring the heck out of you.

Its been a quiet week. All I had for class was a Mid-Term this week, and I ended up spending the rest of the time running all over the place. I've been sleeping a lot and just resting since I've been attempting to get sick and I detest getting sick. It causes problems with my job. Not exactly problems, but more along the lines of .. I'm territorial. Pathetic, but true. All in all, I am enjoying a quiet evening at home doing stuff I haven't had a chance to do in a while. And later when its all quiet, I'll be enjoying the silence. I hope. So, I'm signing off for now. Night all. :)

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