Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wonderland Revised...

Its the weekend, and I find myself at a hotel that will remain unnamed in San Jose, at a convention in which you can find everything from Munchkins and The Tin Man waltzing down the stairs, to Klingons and Jedi sitting in a bar attempting to figure out the age old question of who can drink more beer without embaressing themselves. Personally I would bet on the Klingons. Yes, it is once again time for a Sci-Fi convention, which is actually an umbrella title for everything imaginary, fantastic, futuristic and fun. Have no worries! I did my homework before I came to have fun, and am STILL checking in on Discussion Boards to be sure I keep up on everything. No fun is without a price! Basically this is my vacation of sorts and I only really do this once a year. There are lots of authors here to talk to, artists to meet, costume balls to attend, and of course seeing friends you haven't seen in a year. ;)

So here I sit in the free internet lobby having just finished off
my homework, and watching the Sci-fi world walk by. For instance, I was just passed by two Storm Troopers , The Doctor and a Dalek, Daredevil and Elektra wearing a dark costume instead of her typical red, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and a full entourage of characters from Chrono Trigger. I'm not sure anyone is going to recognize any of those references, so just ask if you want to know what any of those are. Things are going well so far, except that I keep falling asleep. I guess the off duty nurse from work was right and I'm borderline exhausted. And here I thought I might be able to sit down and read a book without too much trouble. Ah well. Perhaps later one this weekend I can finish off the book I'm in the middle of. This is one of those rare posts taking place in the middle of the day and I'm not running on fumes. ... okay, so maybe I am running on fumes. I will catch up on sleep, I promise. For now though I am off to enjoy the convention to the best of my feeble ability. This will probably equate to me wandering from panel to panel, or sitting down somewhere and watch the entirety of several genres walk past me. In any case, its a good time out for me. Talk to you all later. ;)

PS. Later was sooner than I thought! Thought I'd mention that this picture of Boba Fett on a Segway was taken in Australia as a Sci-Fi Convention I went to there. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, so I asked if I could take his picture and he said sure. So here is Boba Fett on a very archaic vehicle by his standards. ;)

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